Today Fred Hickey commented on the action in the gold and silver markets. Also, take a look at some stunning charts and other info.

Fed Balance Sheet
October 8 (King World News) – 
Holger Zschaepitz:  “Within 3 weeks, the Fed increased its balance sheet by a whopping $186 billion, which had previously been painstakingly reduced in 6 months (see below).

Holger Zschaepitz:  “Powell says Fed to resume Asset Purchases to prevent cash crunch, But it’s not QE. Speaking in Denver, Powell said action differed from crisis-era programme known as QE, and was directed at solving “recent tech issues” rather than materially affecting “stance of monetary policy.”

“The Fed Is Doing QE”
Peter Schiff:
  “No matter what Powell claims, the Fed is doing QE, as I predicted it would. The goal is to suppress interest rates to sustain debt and asset bubbles. The only difference is this time in won’t work!”…

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Look At This
Jeroen Blokland:
  “A very important graph to take into account when making asset allocation decisions! (See below).

QE And Interest Rates
Charlie Bilello: 
“US 10-Yr Treasury Yields During QE…

QE1 (Dec ’08 – Mar ’10) 10-yr yield Start: 2.72%. End: 3.83%.
QE2 (Nov ’10 – Jun ’11) 10-yr yield Start: 2.63%. End: 3.16%.
QE3 (Sep ’12 – Oct ’14) 10-yr yield Start: 1.58%. End: 2.34%.
QE4 (Sep ’19 – ?) 10-yr yield start: 1.47%. End: ?

Gold & Silver Correction Over?
Fred Hickey of the High Tech Strategist: 
“If Chinese trade talks continue to go awry this week, there’s a good chance gold/silver correction could be over. Would catch a lot of traders (long-term bulls) offsides. As noted in my recent Oct. letter, I continue to dribble back in-buying back lower what I’d sold at higher prices.”

Gold Update
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