We are seeing huge gold demand, but here’s what to expect next.

April 12 (King World News) – Fred Hickey:  Assuming the gold correction is over (not guaranteed yet, but sure looks promising), rally is playing out as one would have expected with the first part of rally due primarily to short covering. Managed Money short contracts fell 21% in latest COT report (thru last Tuesday)…

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Fred Hickey continues:  Next phase should be driven by return of Western investment demand (via ETFs inflows and futures positions). While GLD ETF continued to see outflows last week (not unusual – typically a lag), ex-the GLD outflows there were inflows in rest of world ETFs. 1st time seen it for a while.

Asians have been adding to gold ETFs, Germans too. What we’re missing is North American demand and rest of Europe. The rally is early and they’ll likely need higher gold prices (and further important chart point levels to be broken) to be persuaded.

BullionStar:  Monthly gold withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) reached 167.7 tonnes in March, the highest monthly level in nearly 2 years, showing a rebound in the strength of Chinese physical gold demand.

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