Look at who is focused on a major gold and silver bottom as Putin declares the “beginning of the end” for the US dollar.

Focused Gold & Silver Bottom
June 21 (
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Fred Hickey:  These morning gold/silver selloffs are clearly driven by futures sellers (including shorts as seen in latest COT). Have seen these end of Q2 smashes many times. Usually leads to a washout bottom. As HTS readers understand, they’re doing me a favor as I’m sitting on lots of cash.

As HTS readers know, the money is in short-term Treasuries with maturities in June & July. My plan (made months ago) was to swing the funds back into precious metals miners as the T-bills matured (and timed for end of gold seasonal downturn). Don’t like losses, but I’m licking my chops.

Historically, and I’ve tracked this for many years, the bottoms more often than not come right around the end of Q2s – which is still a week away, so there could be more damage in the interim. Thus, I’m only dribbling in currently. However, last thing I’d ever do is sell at this point. 

… likely another gold “higher low” and bounce – same as it has been for some time now. Difference this time is: it’s likely the “bounce” leads to record highs and a break-out…

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Putin Declares “Beginning Of The End” For US Dollar
Gerald Celente:  With more countries trading directly in their own currencies instead of converting to dollars as the world’s standard of value, the dollar is on the way out as the world’s leading currency, Russian president Vladimir Putin announced last week at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Also, the world’s central banks are reducing the proportion of dollars among their reserve currencies, he noted.

“The share of settlements in the dollar is declining,” Putin said. “The share of settlements in [China’s] yuan is growing. Oil producers in leading Arab countries are now saying that they are ready” to accept yuan in payment for oil.

“If this trend gains momentum and other oil and gas exchanges appear where settlements are not made in dollars,” he added, “then this is the beginning of the end for this currency.”

Russia had no choice but to dispense with the dollar after Western allies imposed sanctions following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Putin said.

“By pursuing short-term,  opportunistic goals, they [the U.S.] undermine their own power in world finance. By using the dollar as a war tool, they raise doubts about the reliability of the American currency both as an instrument of payment in global trade and as a reserve asset.”

Russia now settles 90 percent of its trade transactions with countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in rubles, Putin claimed, adding that 80 percent of trade between Russia and China is paid directly in rubles or yuan.

As we have long forecast, much of the world is fed up with U.S. economic and geopolitical hegemony and the Death of the Dollar has begun.

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