With the prices of gold and silver now in the time frame to cement their seasonal lows, crude oil will soar to at least $250-$300 and the “perfect gold storm” will take the price of gold to $10,000-$15,000.

Massive Inflation Catalyst
June 20 (
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Graddhy out of Sweden:  Orange backtest holding for oil. Searching for 3 year cycle low. Will see at least $250-$300 during this bull.

Crude Oil Will Hit At Least $250-$300

“The Perfect Gold Storm”
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  We are seeing what can be expected at this stage, i.e. central banks taking turns debasing and FIAT currencies plummeting with regards to precious metals and purchasing power. The perfect gold storm is now here.

Gold Price Target $10,000-$15,000

Email From A KWN Reader
Email from KWN reader Francis M:
  Dear KWN: Thanks for the excellent interview with Dr. Stephen Leeb “Gold Is The Only Real Money That Is Prized For Its Beauty”.

I’d like to reinforce Dr. Leeb’s observations on the special status of gold (and silver too). 

In my life, I had the good fortune to encounter a spiritual teacher and healer. He was an expert in the symbolic language of archetypes and planetary forces (see citation below). He also happened to be a medical doctor. When diagnosing patients he could identify the illness in terms of conventional medicine and he could also use his esoteric knowledge to identify the underlying forces that allowed the illness to manifest. He would always try to treat the deep ‘energetic’ level, rather than to merely manage symptoms, and he would bring to bear his considerable spiritual vision and his knowledge of Hermeticism (alchemy), Traditional Chinese Medicine, astrology, Ayurveda, and homeopathy. 

This leads me to the metals. From the Hermetic viewpoint, many metals are excellent receptacles of non-physical, archetypal forces. Gold, for example, holds concentrated sun ‘energy’, while silver contains concentrated moon ‘energy’. 

The Sun archetype is connected to the divine masculine — steadfast and dependable. All things revolve around the sun and it continuously radiates both physical energy (warmth and light) and subtle non-physical ‘energies’ that fuel the spirit. As teacher put it: “The Sun (and hence gold) stands for all that is central and essential — the heart of things, both metaphysically and physically.” [Ref] Dante underlined the spiritual significance of the sun (gold) in the Divine Comedy: “that bright mirror, which reflects the light of God.” Sun/Gold, therefore is King. 

Aside: note that imperfect human manifestations of sun energies can become self-important at times.

Homeopathic practitioners are familiar with aurum metallicum which is a homeopathic preparation that captures the subtle energy of gold. Teacher used it with great success in treating certain cases of depression which he saw as being due to a lack of internal sun energy. 

Silver is the metal of the moon. It is connected to the divine feminine. If the association of sun with fire seems obvious, it should come as no surprise that Moon/Silver is connected to all things water (think moon and tides). Furthermore, where Sun (fire) sustains life, Moon (water) gives birth to life. Thus Moon/Silver is Queen. 

Silver pitchers were prized by the ancient Romans for their ability to keep drinking water fresh. Silver continues to find uses in water purification and medicine. The metal of the moon is also used in solar panels where it tames and harnesses the burning energy of the sun. How Queenly is that?

We all know that gold is chemically inert. It doesn’t tarnish. Silver on the other hand is more reactive, quixotic and unpredictable (volatile?) Silverware must be pampered in order to maintain its unmatched lustre. Silver’s unique chemistry ushered-in the age of photography — a superbly empathic era.  Silver was also instrumental in the manufacture of mirrors which can foster self-absorption at times. 

Lest we fall into cheap over-simplifications of the complex male-female dialectic, we should bear in mind that masculine and feminine archetypes are simultaneously at play inside each and every sentient being, whether they be male, female, or anything in between. No one individual is 100% Sun or 100% Moon. Instead, we all contain a rich intermingling of these archetypes that resulted from our unique personal journey of emanation from Source.   

When I was first introduced to the esoteric view on metals, I soon realized that a part of me had always known. As pointed out by Dr. Leeb, gold (and silver) have spiritual significance. They possess intrinsic value that lies far beyond their market price. This is something I keep in mind during all the ups and downs of our corrupted financial markets and this knowledge also gives me 100% confidence that eventually, the metals will win the day. After all, it’s written in the stars.

Francis M.

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