Today the top trends forecaster in the world, Gerald Celente, spoke with King World News about a few of what will be the remarkable top trends for 2017 and how people can profit from them.

Eric King:  “Gerald, the top trends for 2017, let’s talk about something that is starting to surface (that is on your list of top trends for 2017) — virtual reality and what the opportunities will be there.”

Gerald Celente:  “It’s virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence.  The Industrial Age is dead.  This is now the Robotic Age — from industrialization to robotization and artificial intelligence.  So it’s robotization, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.  Let’s start with virtual reality…

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The Biggest Opportunity That We See
You want to know the biggest opportunity that we see?  It’s going to be in virtual education.  Put it all together.  Virtual reality, putting that together with artificial intelligence.

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Think about how all the children are being raised.  They are all addicted to their handhelds.  This (their handheld smartphone) is their life.  When we grew up with coloring books, they are growing up with handhelds.  

So when you look at the education system, it was built around the Industrial Revolution by the Germans.  The Industrial Revolution is over.  

KWN Celente I 12:12:2015Robots Are Taking Over
Robotization is taking over.  They built the education system to support industrialization.  To teach us how to read, write, do arithmetic and follow orders.  Now we have the virtual world.  Why do I have to go to the classroom when the classroom is right in front of me?  Why do I have to travel there?

Why do I have to go to a second rate college when I can now tune in and have the greatest teachers in their fields teaching me?  Will there still be a need or the brick and mortar school?  Yes.  But to a much lesser extent.

KWN Celente I 8:8:2016

Robots Can Do It All
And going back to robotization, you are seeing robots do operations more efficiently and accurately than a doctor.  So will it take over completely?  No.  But it is going to move beyond where robots are stocking shelves and working on the assembly lines.  
And then when you put artificial intelligence into it, our question becomes:  Are robots going to begin to take over the human robots?  So we are looking at changes that are going to take place that are going to put the 21st century into a whole realm of learning experience, living, and dying.  A realm we’ve never understood before or even comprehend…Gerald Celente discusses more of the top trends of 2017, including what is going to shock the world in 2017 and you can listen to the incredible audio interview by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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