Despite the pullback, gold will continue its exponential rise. Plus a look at the Coronavirus and the stock market plunge, gold, silver and miners.

Gold’s Exponential Rise
February 25 (
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Alasdair Macleod:
  Gold looks like being in an exponential trend, but could test $1620 before rising strongly. Fits in with evolving fundamentals. (See below).

Despite Pullback, Gold Will Continue Exponential Rise

Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank:
VIX jumps to near 27% as stocks take another beating and the US 10-yr yield hit a record low. In this environment of risk reduction even gold – given its record fund long – is struggling to receive a bid.”

Coronavirus And Stock Market Plunge
Peter Schiff:
  “It’s irrelevant for stock market bulls to claim that the recent decline is an overreaction to the Coronavirus. The market was overvalued before the virus, and despite the decline it remains overvalued after. It’s not the size of the pin that matters, but the size of the bubble.”

“It Could Get Ugly”
Fred Hickey:
  “Dip buyers and traders had everything in place for a big rebound rally and were ready for their usual “Turnaround Tuesday” to the upside. If they fail today, following their early morning attempts – it could indicate market is exhausted – and it could get ugly.”…

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Gold Miners
Fred Hickey:  (Bloomberg headline) 
“Gold miners help offset big declines for investors in Canada” For years I’ve been asked: Won’t gold miners also decline in a big market selloff similar to 2008? My answer has always been: Not likely, 2008 was an aberration (illiquidity event). Now there’s proof.”

Graddhy out of Sweden:  “And also for gold we are seeing a backtest. It is most probably a large white bullish rising wedge (placed right on my posted monthly massive black dotted trend line; extra bullish), meaning a strong move is coming. That’s a beautiful chart. (See below).

Strong Upside Move Is Coming

Graddhy out of Sweden:  “No need to panic here now. It is just going for a backtest of my purple inverse head & shoulders neckline, which is brilliant so we get that out of the way. As said, I think here is where silver will take the lead, it would fit with many charts. (See below).

SILVER: No Need To Panic, Bull Trend Intact

Massive Stock Market Losses
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