Here is a look at the massive daily Fed intervention, plus a look at gold and why the Fed will have to do a lot more QE.

Massive Daily Fed Intervention
October 24 (King World News) – Fred Hickey:  “This massive, daily Fed intervention business appears to be getting worse & worse. What is the Fed hiding? The longer this goes on & the bigger the interventions get, the more my confidence is shaken. I expect that’s true for other investors too.”

The Printing Hero
Sven Henrich: 
“Draghi: I came, I saw, I printed. Then I printed some more & never did anything else besides print. And then I left, leaving the printing machine on. Now give me a book deal and hire me for a speaking tour. Working title: The printing hero.”

Fed Going To Have To Do A Lot More QE
Peter Schiff: 
“Amazon stock is selling off after hours as year-over-year profits fall and holiday outlook dims. It looks like under-employed, overly-indebted Americans are having a harder time going deeper into debt to buy stuff they can’t afford. The Fed is going to have do a lot more not QE!”

GDX Breakout?
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  “We have breakout here on the 1 hour but not yet really on the daily. Leaders like HMY, AEM… have gapped their trend line/neckline. XAU has not yet broken out on 4 hour (see below).

GDX Trying To Breakout On The Upside

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