Today the top trends forecaster in the world, Gerald Celente, warned King World News that this powder keg that is ready to explode may crash the global economy and markets.

A Powder Keg That Is Ready To Explode
September 29 (King World News) –
Gerald Celente:  “We are looking at a powder keg in the Middle East that’s ready to explode. And if oil prices pierce $100 a barrel, we are going to see a global economic collapse and an equity market collapse.

We already have rising interest rates.  Look at home sales going down and look at the people lowering the price of their homes.  These are facts.  Look at the price of gas if you live in California.  Some places it costs $4 a gallon.  On average gas is in the $3.60s…

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Gerald Celente continues:  “Then you look at real wages.  They haven’t increased.  The only reason they have gone up at all is people are working more jobs and longer hours.  And when you factor real inflation numbers into it, they are not making anything.  They have lost money (in real wages) when you factor in inflation.

Now you have a spike in oil prices, gas prices.  What’s going to happen to the retail sector?  And Christmas is right around the corner.  Look at the warnings coming out from the World Bank.  Even the IMF is now starting to talk it down.  So now we are looking at problems that are unsolvable by just pumping cheap money into the system.  What kind of fuel are they going to use to reverse the coming downturn?  When they…To continue listening to the powerful KWN audio interview with Gerald Celente CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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