With continued uncertainty in key global markets, look at the remarkable flight from the U.S. dollar.

From Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  Traders are giving up on the dollar. Currency-hedged ETFs have seen some of the biggest outflows among all funds in recent days, and funds that bet on a rising U.S. dollar have seen their assets dwindle to the lowest in years. That usually means limited downside for the buck going forward…

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It wasn’t that long ago that a rising U.S. dollar was the biggest (perceived) danger to U.S.-based investors who wanted to get exposure to overseas assets. As a result, investors poured into currency-hedged ETFs, the new cool kid on the block.

Apparently, the cool kid just got greasy hair and blemishes, because these funds have been among the biggest losers in recent days, losing more than $500 million in assets. That’s the largest outflow since they came on the scene in force a couple of years ago (see stunning chart below).


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