More wild trading across the globe as the price of gold surges $25 and silver soars more than 3% as panic continues to take hold in world markets, plus the most important red line of any chart in history and much more.

The Most Important Red Line Of Any Chart In History
August 13 (King World News) – 
Holger Zschaepitz:  “Some call it THE most important red line of ANY chart pattern in the history of equity markets: Each time the EuroStoxx Banks Index has hit the critical threshold of 80 an intervention has caused it to bounce off. Now we are again around 80 level, a break could spell TROUBLE! (See below).

TROUBLE: EuroStoxx Bank Index In Danger Of Breaking “The Most Important Red Line Of Any Chart Pattern In The History Of Equity Markets “

Another Day Another Record Low
Jeroen Blokland
:  “New day, new record-low yield! Germany’s 10-year bond yield falls to -0.61%. (See below).

Another Day Another Record Low: Germany’s 10-Year Bond Yields Continues To Collapse

US Yield Curve Most Inverted Since 2007!
Charlie Bilello: 
“Most inverted US yield curve since April 2007…

US 10-Year Yield: 1.65%
US 3-Month Yield: 2.00%
(See below).

NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT? US Yield Curve Most Inverted Since 2007!

In The End…
Sven Henrich:
  “In the end the bond market is always right.”

A Big Winner
A mining legend
has invested in one of the top performing mining stocks in the world, a company very few people know about. As the price of gold really takes off, this is a company that is setup to be one of the huge percentage gainers. To find out which company CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.


Teddy Vallee at Pervalle Global:
  “Wild (see below).

THIS CAN’T BE REAL? Total Amount Of Outstanding Euro Index-Eligible Bonds With Negative Yields

At The End Of This Game You Better Own Gold
Pietro Di Tora:
  “Here is what happens when the competition between States is to devalue their currency to infinity to favor exports ….. At the end of this game you have PAPER in hand which is worth nothing ….. The same cannot certainly be said for gold.”

Silver Set For Takeoff
Pietro Di Tora:  “Silver 1970-1973 vs Today (See below).

SILVER 1970-1973 vs TODAY: Pattern May Be Repeating…Is Silver Set To Blastoff?

Gold Is Kicking The Crap Out Of Stocks
Lawrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy Society Generale:
  “Year over Year, the Hated has become Loved

Gold: +30.3%
S&P 500: +3.7%
(See below).

GOLD CRUSHING STOCKS: Gold’s Outperformance vs Stocks Accelerates

A Historic Day For Markets! Plus Flight To Gold & Treasuries
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One Of Gerald’s Best
One of Celente’s best interviews this year has now been released and you can listen to it by

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