On the heels of continued wild trading in markets across the globe, investors need to buckle up because it’s the end game of the 48 year experiment. It’s all about confidence and more interventions are coming.

Schiff – Why Gold Traders Are Afraid
August 16 (King World News) – Peter Schiff:  “Gold traders are afraid that a stock market rally will hurt gold. So every time the market catches a bid, gold sells off. But the only way the stock market will rally is if the Fed slashes rates much more than expected and resumes QE. That is more bullish for gold than stocks!”

End Game Of The 48 Year Experiment
Lawrence Lepard: 
“The end game of the 48 year experiment with US Dollar fiat as the world reserve currency is coming to an end. As the math said it always must. Fiat is failing. Clearly, obviously. The signs are everywhere. It’s all over now except for the crying. Got gold?”

It’s All About Confidence – More Interventions Coming
Sven Henrich: 
“It is all about confidence and confidence is psychological hence all corrections have been saved with interventions in the past 10 years to not let confidence erode. Hence more interventions coming. (See below).

KEY TO CONFIDENCE: Look At All Of The Stock Market Interventions

… and that’s how you create bubbles with market values expanding far beyond GDP because corrections are never permitted to last long enough to clear out the excess. It’s only when the cycle takes control over the interventions that the excess clears out.”

First Time Ever
Charlie Bilello: 
“30-Year US Treasury Bonds yield less than 2% for the first time ever. (See below).

First Time Ever 30-Year US Treasury Bonds Yield Less Than 2%!

Fitzpatrick Remains Bullish On Gold But Waves Caution Flag
Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick: 
“Gold remains bullish but we are a bit more cautious short-term. 
Gold has tested but held the major area of resistance between $1,522 and $1,532 in recent days (major break down area in 2013 and 61.8% pullback of the 2011-2015 fall). (See below).

Fitzpatrick Keeps $1,700 – $1,800 Price Target For Gold, But Issues Short Term Warning

Elevated Danger Of A Decent Correction
Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick continues:  In addition in the last 24 hours+, despite new lows in 38 year trend for US 30 year yields; 2’s, 10’s inverting; the DJIA falling 800 points and then initially even lower lows on yield and negative Equity futures overnight, Gold struggled to rally. It now trades like it is heavily owned in our view.

Managed Money Is Crowded Long In Gold

…We remain bullish overall and still expect to ultimately see a move towards $1,700 and possibly $1,800. However, we now feel there is an elevated danger of a decent correction…before the uptrend resumes.”

Contrast Fitzpatrick’s Warning With Graddhy’s View On Gold
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
“Said early that my PO (price objective) for this move (for gold) was $1,546, we have now reached $1,546.10. (See below).

$1,546 Price Objective Achieved But Gold May Run A Bit Higher

A Bit More Juice For Gold
Graddhy out of Sweden continues: 
“…And my thin zone has a bit more juice I think. Could go $1,584-1,607. (See below).

$1,584-1,607 Target For Gold

Also of importance…

Eric King:  “John, your stock has suffered since the Newmont/Barrick JV announcement in Nevada.  But is your company’s stock now trading at a discount because of an overreaction in the share price.

3 Huge Catalysts
John Awde:  “Eric, the fundamentals of the company have never been better. Our treasury is cashed up and there is a renewed focus on discovery driven drilling.  We are now drilling highly perspective targets, including underneath Dark Star as well as a newly recognized target called Hidden Dark Star.  And, Eric, we will also be releasing our PFS in September and coming out with a maiden resource for our Luis Project.  So we have three huge catalysts that we believe will drive the share price significantly higher.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line, Eric, is that there was an argument to be made that when our share price was above $3 US, we were trading ahead of our fundamentals and expectations were sky high.  But when you contrast that with where the stock is trading under $1 US, which includes a substantial increase in the underlying fundaments along with a huge de-risking of the project, there is no question that our share price is extremely undervalued at today’s levels.  This is where big money and savvy investors come into a stock like this to take advantage of what they believe will be a significantly higher share price in the coming 6 to 12 months.” The symbol for Gold Standard Ventures is GSV in the US and Canada.

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