Airplane or Giant Germ-Mobile? 10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Flying

What crazy germs are flying with you? (Photo: Image Source/Digital Vision/Getty Images) When it was revealed last week that Ebola had arrived in the United States after a Liberian national, who had been visiting relatives in Dallas, was hospitalized with the disease, many began to worry—okay, freaking out— over the potential risks of traveling beside an ill cabin mate. But there is very little the average plane passenger has to worry

Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente: Founder & Director of the Trends Research Institute – Gerald has had a long track record of making some of the most controversial, yet correct calls in terms of global trends and events. In fact, many consider Mr. Celente to be the top trends forecaster in the world. Gerald has been quoted and interviewed in media throughout the world such as, CNBC, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, BBC, Time Magazine, The

Andrew Huszar

Andrew Huszar: Former Fed Member & Former Managing Dir. At Morgan Stanley – Andrew was Managing Director and U.S. Head of OTC Derivatives Client Clearing for Morgan Stanley. Previously, he managed for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York the $1.25 Trillion Agency MBS Purchase Program (the centerpiece of “QE1”). Andrew was previously a Senior Vice President at RBS Greenwich Capital and co-head of the Transaction Advisory Group, specializing in…