Today one of the greats in the business warned King World News that 2015 will be a year of panic, desperation, and radical change for the world.  He also said 2015 will be a year of surprises that will have an incredible impact not only people but also major markets and economies around the globe.

Egon von Greyerz:  “As we approach 2015 the world is on the cusp of a deflationary collapse.  Central banks around the world are fighting trying desperately keep their economies afloat.  Zero percent interest rates are no longer helping, so negative interest rates have been introduced in an attempt to create inflation….

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"Japan has utterly failed to get anything positive going, despite the endless money printing and zero interest rates.  Central banks want to create inflation, but it’s a total fallacy that inflation is good for an economy.  And it’s not inflation to save their economies, it’s more so to save their failing banking systems.

The central banks know that without inflation the banking system cannot survive because no loans can be repaid.  So the inflation/deflation battle continues to rage.  This is why early next year the major central banks of the world will start printing more money.  Without that we will have a deflationary collapse.  That deflation will not be allowed to happen because it would mean the death of the global banking system, which would take down the global economy with it.

Radical Change In Greece

Greece is a microcosm of what will happen to the rest of the world.  Greece has taken on even more debt since the start of the 2008 crisis, totaling 250 billion euros.  As they have taken on this massive debt, their GDP has plunged by a staggering 27 percent since 2008.  So their Debt/GDP has risen to a jaw-dropping 177 percent.  Total unemployment is 27 percent and youth unemployment exceeds 50 percent.

So there is no way for Greece to survive without leaving the euro.  A left-wing party looks like they will take power in Greece.  Their plans are to raise the minimum wage by 50 percent and not follow any of the austerity measures being placed on Greece.  This is typical of the kind of radical change we can expect in major countries.  One by one we will see the European countries fail, and the rest of the world will follow.

China Slowing

The falling oil price is due to a slow global economy.  China is also slowing down.  If you measure their use of energy, transportation, railways, etc, everything is down.  This is further exacerbating the plunge in oil prices.  But the price of oil may rise if there are serious geopolitical problems in a country such as Saudi Arabia.  There is also the risk of hyperinflation which could turn the price of oil around.

UK Gold Imports Into Switzerland Soar

I would also like to note that Switzerland is the largest producer of gold in the world.  This is why the Swiss gold imports and exports are important.  In November Switzerland imported about 200 tons of gold.  110 tons of gold came in from the UK.  For the year the total imports from the UK into Switzerland are 616 tons.  Well, I wasn’t aware that the UK was a major producer of gold.  Of course they aren’t.

So the incredible amount of imported gold coming in from the UK is in the form of 400 ounce bars, that are then melted down into kilo bars, which are then exported to India and China.  Therefore what we are seeing is the continuation of the depletion of gold from the bullion banks and the Western central banks.  There must be very little gold left in Western vaults.  The entire 110 tons of gold is coming from bullion banks and Western central bank vaults.

The whole LBMA and bullion bank Ponzi scheme will blow up at some point next year because they will literally run out of physical gold.  This will have a massive effect as the price of gold will be released to the upside.

Panic In 2015

2015 will be a year of surprises, Eric.  In 2015 we will see central banks panicking as they unveil major money printing programs in a desperate attempt to halt the deflation.  This is why money printing will be back with a vengeance in 2015.  This is also why gold and silver will start a historic and massive rise in the coming year."

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