On the heels of another wild trading week, Bill Fleckenstein warned King World News “Somebody has got to stop these idiot central bankers.”  Fleckenstein also warned that the price of precious metals is going to take off.

Price Of Precious Metals Will Takeoff
March 22 (King World News) – Bill Fleckenstein:  Somebody has got to stop these idiot central bankers from misusing the English language.  They say they want more inflation.  No one wants more inflation.  When they say, ‘inflation’ they mean real growth.  People want real growth.  With real growth and a strong economy comes better wages.  With inflation comes nothing but misery.  They say they want no deflation, but no one minds when the price of their technology products continue to drop.  What they mean when they say they don’t want deflation is they don’t want a depression…

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Doug Casey’s just-released KWN interview discussing his prediction of financial and economic chaos and a panic into gold CLICK HERE OR BELOW:


One of these days, the price of these precious metals is finally going to take off, given that the central banks are determined to create inflation and will pursue policies that continue to push prices higher.  The fact that these central bankers are cheerleading for more inflation and can’t even articulate what they really want is just another aspect of the incredible bubble era we’ve been in since Alan Greenspan was appointed as the Fed chairman in 1987.  Of course, he didn’t get drunk with power and start to act like an idiot until the mid-1990s, but that is another story. In fact, I wrote a book about it!”   ***Within hours KWN will be releasing a very important audio interview.

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