On the heels of gold and silver continuing to consolidate their recent gains, analyst David P. out of Europe sent King World News two extremely important charts of gold and the US dollar, along with a brief commentary.

Major Breakout In The Gold Market
The following long-term gold chart and commentary was sent to KWN by analyst David P. out of Europe:  “Massive gold breakout this month if current levels hold.” (see chart below)

Gold Breaking Out Of Massive Mult-Year Formation!


David P. also included a mega-bearish dollar chart and commented on its impact on the future price of gold…

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Analyst David P. in reference to the dollar chart below:  “I could not think of a more bullish setup for gold.” (see bearish dollar chart below).

30-Year Mega-Bearish (Terminal Impulse) Dollar Chart!


King World News note: The bottom line is that the gold and silver markets may be poised for massive gains as people have recently given up on the sector (as noted by Bill Fleckenstein this week). The gold and silver markets always surprise, but the surprises may now be set to occur on the upside.

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