With the price of gold surging above $1,450, silver has also been on quite a tear, plus Peter Schiff just warned “QE Infinity is coming soon.”

Peter Schiff Just Issued This Warning
July 18 (
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Peter Schiff:  “According to Fed’s Williams it’s better not to keep any dry powder. So the Fed will end up firing all of its ammo before the next recession officially starts, and have an empty chamber when it does. Brilliant strategy. QE infinity is coming soon. Buy gold and silver now!”

The Final Grand Collapse
Sven Henrich:
  “Folks, we’re witnessing the final grand collapse of whatever credibility the Fed had left. It’s truly pathetic.”…

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Shipping Collapse Continues
Holger Zschaepitz: 
“In case you missed it: Shipping activity throughout the US via highways, railways, airways and seaways points to a sharp slowing in GDP growth. Correlation of growth rate of the quarterly-avg in the Cass freight index w/US real GDP is 0.63, which is reasonably high, Natixis says. (See chart below).

US Shipping Via Highways, Railways, Airways Continues To Collapse

Biggest One-Month Decline Since 2016
Jeroen Blokland: 
“Uh-oh! The US leading indicator just recorded its biggest one-month decline since January 2016. (See chart below).

Leading US Indicator Sees Biggest One Month Decline Since 2016

Nickel Skyrocketing
Jeroen Blokland continues: 
“Nickel is on fire! Price is up a whopping 28% in just over one month. (See chart below).

Nickel Prices Continue To Skyrocket!

Silver Has Been On A Tear!
Ole Hansen at SaxoBank: 
“Silver has reached its $16.16/oz target. Question remains whether it has more juice left in the tank before consolidation kicks in. Support at $15.83/oz and $15.65/oz (see chart below).

Silver Has Been On A Tear To The Upside

Gold Surges Near $1,450: Major Gold Alert Issued By Gerald Celente
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