Today King World News interviewed Bill Haynes, the man who has run the oldest and largest gold and silver dealer in the United States for 48 years.  Here is what he told KWN about what is happening on the retail side of the business, which he says is at record levels.

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July 22 (King World News) Today King World News interviewed the man who has been in the gold and silver business for 48 years, and what he said about what is happening on the retail side of the business was truly fascinating.

Record Business: Massive Buying Taking Place
Bill Haynes:
  “Eric, we’re doing record business right now.  We are getting orders of all sizes but we’ve never seen so many orders over $300,000.  Big money is coming in to the metals markets.

“Major Crisis”
This crisis is such that everybody is starting to recognize this as a major crisis, not only the shutdown of the nation and how that has impacted the economy, but also how much money is going to be printed now and in the future.  We have a situation where cities all over the United States are effectively shut down and as a result, those cities have seen their tax revenues literally collapse. And they are going to look the federal government to make it up.  This will translate into a massive spike in inflation…

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Eric, I would also point out that we are seeing a lot of new customers buying gold and silver for the first time.  And many of these new customers are placing large orders.  The bulk of the money is going into gold but there are also buyers coming in and buying large quantities of silver.  Now is the time for people around the world to get into the metals, there’s just no doubt about it because gold and silver will radically outperform the stock market going forward for the next 5-8 years.”

Eric King:  “Bill, are you having any trouble sourcing product?  Is there a tightness in terms of the supply?”

7 Week Wait Time For Some Silver Products
Bill Haynes:
  “Eric, the gold is readily available but the problem is we are already seeing some of the silver products having a 7 week wait time.”

Eric King:  “Bill, KWN will keep readers informed around the world by continuing to get updates from you, but what will you be looking for when a short-term top approaches?”

Early Days In This Bull Market
Bill Haynes:
  “Eric, we will look for a top in the metals when there is pandemonium buying, and we can’t wait until it is 5 o’clock so we can turn the phones off and calm down.  We are nowhere near those levels right now.  This is still very early days in this bull market.”

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