With stocks tumbling, today a market veteran warned that when the global Ponzi scheme is exposed, there is going to be a massive panic.

John Embry:  “Right now I’m focused on the desperation of the anti-gold cartel, which is intensifying as gold and silver have recently marched higher in the face of massive shorting by the usual suspects — i.e. the bullion banks.  In the last few days the gold open interest has risen as much as I can ever remember in a short period of time.  And it demonstrates the lengths to which the powers that be are prepared to go to prevent an upside breakout by the precious metals…

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I can certainly understand why they are doing it because when the extent of their Ponzi scheme in the paper gold and silver markets is revealed for all to see, the reaction is going to be a massive panic.  And with the overall rot in global financial markets and the flagging economies worldwide, this will undoubtedly represent a historical turning point.

However, I think the gold and silver shares are reflecting where this is all heading.  As we speak, the index is up about 130 percent in less than 3 1/2 months.  Ironically, despite their explosive gains, many stocks are only trading at fractions of their previous highs.  As I believe that gold and silver are on the cusp of explosive upside moves, despite the best efforts of the anti-gold forces, the stocks have barely scratched the surface of their eventual moves.

When I have managed dedicated precious metals funds in past years, my funds were up over 100 percent in less than a year on a number of occasions.  However,  the stocks at the outset of those moves were never as cheap as they were in January of this year in comparison to gold and silver prices.

I can also make the case that gold and silver have never been as inexpensive in relation to the amount of currency and debt outstanding globally as they are in this cycle.  Thus, despite the gains to date, there is still infinitely more upside in the shares.  Very few people own them, the sector is very tiny in relation to the amount of money available to buy them, other conventional assets are historically very overvalued, most particularly bonds, and the sentiment remains markedly negative in the precious metals space.

Even a number of the perma-bulls are hesitant here, fearing the power of the anti-gold cartel.  Sure there will be corrections, which is actually healthy, but the risk/reward ratio remains heavily weighted in favor of reward.  Those who have no exposure yet better reconsider because time is getting short.” ***The remarkable KWN audio interview where 50-year veteran John Embry discusses what’s next for the gold and silver markets has now been released and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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