Today a former White House official told King World News to expect armed conflict to spread to additional countries bordering Russia.  Former presidential adviser and member of the U.S. President's Working Group on Financial Markets, Dr. Philippa Malmgren, also discussed why the war will expand and how Germany and other countries are positioning themselves ahead of even greater armed conflict.

Eric King:  “What about the fact that the Hungarian leader came out and essentially said, ‘I’m not looking to the West — the West is entirely bankrupt.  I’m looking to the East for the future of my country in terms of trade, finance, and commerce.”

Dr. Philippa Malmgren:  “Well, that’s a very big topic because it’s not just about Hungary — it’s about every nation that is on the border of Russia.  Each country is effectively signaling whose side its on….

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For example, the leader of Belarus has signaled that he wants to get closer to NATO, i.e. the West, and he’s slowing down the process of an alignment with Russia that had been in motion.

Hungary is saying, ‘Well, we’re choosing to go with the Russians rather than against them.’  Germany, frankly, has signaled more and more that it’s economic future lies more with the East, including Russia, and less with the West.  And that’s partly because the West, what does that represent?  It (the West) is Italy, France, Spain, all economies that are dead in the water.  There is no economic activity going on there.

Which Side Will Germany Choose?

And Russia may be having a lot of noise in its economy right now, but generally speaking the East has proved a place that can generate profits for Germany more effectively than western Europe.  So Germany doesn’t say, ‘We’re out of NATO, or ‘We’re going to leave the West,’ but they increasingly welcome the East.

Armed Conflict To Spread

So we should watch every single country that’s on the border of Russia and listen carefully to which side they are choosing.  And we’re going to get a fight in every location about the choice that’s made because nobody is just going to accept which countries want to go East and which countries want to go West. KWN has now released the incredible Dr. Philippa Malmgren audio interview which discusses the war that is raging between the United States, Russia and China, stunning 2015 predictions, the war in the gold market and much more. This is one of Dr. Malmgren's most important audio interviews and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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