With the price of gold continuing to struggle, today King World News is pleased to share a stunning ray of hope for battered longs in the gold market.

The following is from Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  “After suffering a large loss on Tuesday (of last week), gold mining stocks have rallied 3% on back-to-back days (Wednesday and Thursday of last week). Since the inception of the NYSE Arca Gold Bugs Index (HUI) in 1996, it has rallied 3% on consecutive days from a multi-month low four times.

Three of those continued to rally in the months ahead, not violating the low for at least six months. Over the next six months after those three dates, the index rallied as much as 42%, 76% and 28%, while the losing date saw immediate selling pressure. Further follow-through in the days ahead should be a good sign for this index. The dates were 7/30/2002, 8/13/2008, 10/29/2008 and 11/07/2014.”

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