Get ready for a massive propaganda push as global global debt hyper-balloons and currencies continue to collapse in 2024.

January 31 (King World News) – Gregory Mannarino, writing for the Trends Journal:  The entire world’s debt-based system is flatlining, and its economy failing, (by design), and that can only mean ONE THING… EXPECT WORLD WAR III. 

WWIII has already begun, and it will accelerate and expand rapidly.

How many of you believe that the current unfolding of geopolitical events is just by accident?

The fact is this. The people of the world are being forced into accepting a new system, with an entirely new set of rules. The current system is being phased out, slowly and methodically, and the endgame is always the same… WAR.

This transition, in as much as it will bring major change, will also stay the same. 

What is being set up collectively by The World Management Administration, (WMA), also known collectively as Central Banks, is an updated and new debt-based tokenized/cashless system. This transition will continue to involve not only the already ongoing systematic dismantling of the current system, but also creating massive dependency on it.  

Expanding war is the endgame, it is also the key to the new system…

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From a stock market standpoint, every manner of anything you can think about will be implemented to keep it propped up. The mechanism of war alone generates the greatest need for more borrowed dollars to be pulled into the system, which is MASSIVELY inflationary—it is also stock market positive. This mechanism will drive cash into the perceived safety of debt and keep rates suppressed. Keeping rates suppressed opens a doorway for cash to flow into risk assets/the stock market. 

Expect many “government” subsidies for major corporations. As an example, the Biden administration just announced a multi-billion-dollar award for tech companies.

Expect global debt to HYPER-balloon
World debt will skyrocket faster moving forward, and this mechanism is also stock market positive. 

Being that 2024 marks the end of the current Presidential Selection Cycle, you can fully expect that “the illusion” of the market will be maintained—that is the stock market will be artificially inflated. 

Along with the stock market illusion, you can expect to be propagandized to the highest possible order, with repeated false flag events expressly telling you who to hate and why we need to strike them militarily.

Expect that price action distortions across the entire spectrum of asset classes will get much greater moving forward—which presents opportunity. “Risk on,” that is cash making its way into the stock market, will cause commodity prices to remain suppressed. Suppressed commodity prices allow commodities to be bought cheaply.

Expect massive currency devaluation as well.

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