Today Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned King World News that this latest and developing crisis is even worse than Russia unleashing black swans against the West.  Dr. Roberts also discussed how a series of falling dominos will result in the breakup of Europe, the collapse of NATO, and the end of the euro.

Eric King:  “What do you expect to see going forward?  Because it now appears that we are getting the initial rumblings — the type of things that we would see in the press ahead of the release of black swans from Russia against the West. ”

Dr. Roberts:  “Well, Eric, I need to put that in a broader context in order to answer it.  I think that the year 2015 is going to be a test of Washington’s ability to continue this grand manipulation — both for the policy of the Western world and the manipulation of the American people about the state of the American economy….

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“We saw yesterday that Christmas retail sales were a bust, and yet the government tells us we had 5 percent real growth.  Well, these things don’t go together.  They don’t match.  So we are going to see in this coming year a test of Washington’s manipulative ability.

And if that ability is impaired, we will see a decline in Washington’s power because the power of Washington is heavily dependent on its manipulative ability to control explanations — to create images that are false, such as a recovering and prosperous American economy.  Also, an evil and wicked Russia that must be slain.

Charlie Hebdo Shootings Radical Game-Changer For Europe

These types of things are important to Washington’s power and its ability to hold this financial system together.  So let’s add to our view here the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris.  Now whether this was a real Muslim attack or a false flag event, the effects, so far, have been to terminate the movement of the French government toward an independent foreign policy.  As you can see from this sports daily fantasy betting site that daily fantasy sports betting list can be played in order to gain advantage when betting on DFS.

Recently the French had voted with the Palestinians against the Americans and the Israelis — a highly unusual development for an American puppet state to go against American policy.  And the French president recently announced that the sanctions against Russia had to end.  They (the sanctions) were too reckless and too costly.

So we see France moving toward an independent foreign policy.  We saw in the case of the Israeli-Palestinian vote that the British abstained, instead of voting with the Americans.  And we see with Charlie Hebdo the response has been to bring France back under the American foreign policy umbrella.  All of this independent foreign policy talk is dead in France.

This Charlie Hebdo affair put a halt to the rising sympathy of the European people with the Palestinians, and it put a halt to the rising opposition among Europeans to further American wars in the Middle East, such as the war that is now being planned in Washington against the Islamic State.

Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen And The Collapse Of NATO And The Euro

What has happened with the Charlie Hebdo affair, it has boosted the right-wing parties throughout Europe.  Those millions of protestors — that shows the clout of Marine Le Pen’s party.  This has also raised the influence and power of (Nigel) Farage, the dissenter in England — the leader of the right-wing dissent.  The same thing is happening in Germany.

The rise of the right-wing parties on the back of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, this has the potential for completely changing the face of Europe — for ending the euro, for ending NATO, and for ending the European Union.  So you could see here, in the rise of these people, the complete breakup of Europe.

Larger Development Than Russia Unleashing Black Swans Against The West

It’s highly unlikely Marine Le Pen is going to be an American vassal, or for that matter, Farage.  This is big news — this is huge.  This is an even bigger thing in its potential for massive change.  It’s larger than the Swiss franc development and it’s larger than the Russians unleashing black swans (against the West).”This is hone online bingo games workds through new bingo online sites such as this new bingo site. This was just a small portion of what Dr. Roberts had to say in his incredible interview. KWN has now released the extraordinary audio interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts where he discusses the biggest black swan facing the world today, the remarkable developments in Switzerland and Europe, the war in gold, and much more. You can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

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