Two important collapses are taking place as the price of silver continues to surge and gold threatens its all-time high.

Silver Breakout
November 30 (
King World News) –
Graddhy out of Sweden:  Silver has broken out above blue line and is backtesting.
SILJ (Junior Silver Mining Stocks) is lagging severely.

The chart has red positive divergence, just like before the two previous huge moves back in 2016 and 2020.

Junior Silver Miners Set To Radically Outperform Silver

Now back at black line which should be big support. Roadmap chart…

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Hi-Ho Silver
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Very big picture there is a massive divergence between GOLD & SILVER. Last time the two had a larger divergence like this, silver played catch-up big time. And this time, silver will break out of a 43-year+ cup and handle. So the over-shoot this time should be absolutely mega.

Silver Set To Radically Outperform Gold

King World News note:  Here are two very extremely important charts and commentary from Peter Boockvar:
  The savings rate was 3.8% vs 3.7% in September and 4.2% in August. That is near the lowest level since 2008 so there is not much there in terms of savings cushions on the part of the consumer.

Savings Rate Collapsing…Again, Near Lowest Level Since 2008!

Bears In Hibernation
Bears are down to just 19.6, the least since January 2018 right after the corporate tax cut was passed.

Stock Market Bears Collapse To Lowest Level Since 2018!

WARNING: Time For Caution In The Stock Market
Bottom line, strictly from a contrarian sentiment perspective, it’s now time to be cautious in the short term.

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