What is about to happen in gold, silver, and the mining shares is going to surprise a lot of people.

Disbelief And The Buffett Effect On Gold, Silver, And Miners
August 29 (King World News)
Eric King:  “Warren Buffett came in and Berkshire announced they had accumulated Barrick Gold. This accumulation (in the gold sector), now the generalists from around the world are looking and saying, ‘Wait a minute, Warren Buffett is doing this. We all need to look at what we’re going to do now.’ And yet people in the gold community are waiting for the next shoe to drop (in gold and silver) and for these stocks to collapse along with the metals. I just don’t know why the extreme pessimism is there, but this is exactly what bull markets do — I bring it up over and over — they climb a wall of worry, and that’s what we are seeing once again.”

Look At What The Big Money Is Doing
James Turk:
  “Yeah, that’s exactly right. And it’s sort of ironic that the believers no longer believe (laughter). In other words, they’re looking for some kind of correction. Maybe there will be a correction (now), maybe there won’t. But when you start talking about a correction on something that’s so undervalued and there are so many reasons to be buying it, why would you be looking for a correction? I think what people should be doing is looking at what these generalists (big money fund managers) are doing, and why gold, silver, and the mining shares are in these uptrends. Any time you get a dip, money is…to continue listening to this timely and powerful audio interview that includes price forecasts for gold and silver in the last few months of 2020 click here or on the image below.

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