The King World News article below contains some stunning information as well as an absolutely shocking video about why people are fleeing the state of California.

People Fleeing California In Droves!
April 28 (King World News) – If you want to see the trend for people getting the hell out of California, take a look at this...

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Below you can see what it costs to rent a Uhaul to move out of some major cities in California to destinations outide the state, and what it costs to rent that same Uhaul moving to California. The results are quite stunning!

LA -> Las Vegas: $964 (854% more to move to Las Vegas from Los Angeles)
Las Vegas -> LA: $101

LA -> Seattle: $4,160 (469% more to move from LA to Seattle)
Seattle -> LA: $731

LA -> Austin: $3740 (310%)
Austin -> LA: $912

LA -> Houston: $3965 (310%)
Houston -> LA: $967

LA -> Reno: $1955 (300%)
Reno -> LA: $488

LA -> Denver: $3030 (196%)
Denver -> LA: $1023

SF -> Las Vegas: $2,085 (1,479% more to move from SF to Las Vegas)
Las Vegas – SF: $132

SF -> Reno: $1,128 (579% more to move from SF to Reno)
Reno -> SF: $166

SF -> Seattle: $3,373 (411% more to move from SF To Seattle)
Seattle -> SF: $659

SF -> Austin: $4380 (310%)
Austin -> SF: $1068

SF -> Houston: $4575 (310%)
Houston -> SF: $1115

SF -> Denver: $3515 (196%)
Denver -> SF: $1187

SF -> SD: $596 (127%)
SD -> SF: $262

SF -> LA: $493 (30%)
LA -> SF: $378

SD -> Las Vegas: $584 (478% to move from SD to Las Vegas)
Las Vegas – SD: $101

SD -> Seattle: $4,403 (468% more to move from SD to Seattle)
Seattle -> SD: $774

SD -> Austin: $3525 (310%)
Austin – SD: $859

SD -> Houston: $3820 (310%)
Houston -> SD: $931

SD -> Denver: $3130 (196%)
Denver -> SD: $1057

SD -> Reno: $1069 (108%)
Reno -> SD: $513

Mass California Exodus & Shocking Video
For those of you who think the mass exodus for the middles class is the result of the high cost of housing/other high costs of living in California, you would be partly correct. For the wealthy, it’s the jaw-dropping high state income tax rate of 13.3% as well as the recent tax law changes that have them fleeing the state.

That’s all correct, but it is also important to understand that California is not the state it once was. Take a look at this shocking video of the homeless in California encountered along a major biking/jogging/walking path in Orange County California. At one point in the video you see Anaheim Stadium:

As the number of homeless in the United States continues to skyrocket, keep in mind that a massive percentage are encamped in California and that number keeps on rising. This is an extremely sad situation and is yet another contributing factor to the ongoing large exodus of people leaving the state of California.

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