The 6-year breakout in the price of gold has turned into one hell of a war as the bullion banks and commercial hedgers have ramped up short positions into gold’s historic breakout, even as foreign central banks were big buyers in the month of June.

Foreign Central Banks Continue Their Gold Buying Spree…

Foreign central banks such as Russia and China continue their gold buying spree.

…But What Do The Bullion Banks And Commercial Hedgers Know? They Are Now Heavily Short Gold In The Paper Market? (See Below)

Commercials Making Moves In Gold & Silver
July 8 (King World News) – 
For those who were wondering what the commercials were doing as gold and silver prices have been on the move, here is the latest news…

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Big Position Change In Gold
ommercial hedgers added significantly to their short positions in the gold market…again (see chart below).

Commercials Ramped Up Gold Shorts…Again

25-year Chart Shows Commercials Increasingly Bearish On Gold

For those keeping score in the silver market…

Commercial hedgers slightly decreased their short positions this week after going long the silver market for only the 2nd time in history weeks ago (see chart below).

Commercials Add To Shorts In Silver

Big Picture For Silver
25-year chart shows commercial hedgers trading activity in the silver market where they remain nowhere near their highest level of short exposure in silver (see chart below).

25-Year Chart Shows Commercial Positions In Silver

It will be very interesting to see if the commercials have added to their gold and silver shorts in next week’s COT report. For those who accumulate physical gold and silver on a dollar cost basis, continue to make purchases at the same time each month. Do not get cute and try to time the market.

Rate Cuts, Economic Worries, ’07 Crash vs Today, Gold & Silver
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