On the heels of the price of gold breaking back above $1,300, here are two must see charts signaling a massive gold breakout is close to unfolding.

Two Must See Gold Charts
March 13 (King World News) – Here is a big picture look at what is happening in the gold market.

Chart Below Shows Early Stages Of Gold’s Cup & Handle Formation. Recent Pullback And Rally Above $1,300 (Not Shown) Signals Gold Chart Now Building The Handle Prior To Blastoff!

In The Meantime, The GDX (Gold Mining ETF) Has Already Broken Out And Is Also Signaling A Massive Gold Breakout Is Close To Unfolding!

King World News note:  For those individuals that are accumulating physical gold and silver on dollar cost average programs prior to the breakout, continue purchasing physical gold and silver at the same time.  Do not try to get cute and time the breakout.  For those who are accumulating shares of the high-quality companies that mine the metals, use any weakness to add to your positions.  You will be glad you did when the breakout takes place.

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