America's Best Burger Joints

From In-N-Out and White Castle to menus from Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud, no food spans the gap between high-end and budget dining like the classic American burger. Yet while there are many great burgers in bars and restaurants across the country, there’s nothing quite like burger joints, where you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to toppings, sides, and shakes. Whether you’re in search of the birthplace of the

America's Best Urban Bike Paths

Every May since 1956, communities from coast to coast celebrate National Bike Month. It’s the perfect excuse to hang up your car keys or ditch the subway and see the world from a fresh, wind-in-your-hair perspective. And while cycling can be a great way to commune with nature, cities all across the United States—from Sacramento to Indianapolis and down to St. Petersburg—are developing more cyclist-friendly environments with designated bike paths.

Beginner's Guide to Hawaii: Oahu and the Big Island

Continuing our three-part series on how to see Hawaii for the first time, this installment moves on to the largest Hawaiian island, as well as the most visited of the six tourist islands. Hawaii is actually made up of eight islands, but Niihau and Kahoolawe are both off limits to tourists without special permission and permits. In part one of our guide, we highlighted Maui, which offers the perfect blend of culture and

Fodor's Approved: 2015's Best Summer Weekend Bags

Summer is all about carefree weekend getaways, but before you can have any fun, first you need to find the perfect weekend bag. Whether you’re looking for a tote to sling over your shoulder at the beach or a duffle to throw in the trunk for a road trip, it’s not always easy to find a bag that’s fashionable and functional. We’ve tested a bunch, from an eye-popping, pink-confetti weekender

World's 10 Most Fashionable Hotel Suites

The décor of a hotel room or suite is always important, but in some cases, it becomes the main attraction. Around the world, renowned haute couture houses, leather artisans, and jewelers have decked out luxury hotel suites from top to bottom with their iconic designs. From Chicago to Berlin to Hong Kong, here’s where you’ll find the best-dressed hotel suites and celebrate your favorite designers. By Anja Mutic

15 Incredible Biking Tours Around the World

Escape the crowds of tourists and make your own tracks on a bike tour, the best way to uncover a region at your own pace. We’ve rounded up fifteen breathtaking bike tours around the world that will take you past ancient glaciers, active volcanoes, bustling villages, lava-sand beaches, and more. So grab your helmet—and your sense of adventure—and let’s hit the road. By Kathleen Rellihan

America?s Most Stunning Waterfalls

Mighty and majestic, waterfalls are one of nature’s most incredible and dramatic features. Though they can easily be found in many locations across the country, the most awe-inspiring waterfalls have become destinations in their own right. From a surging water wall to an indoor torrent 30 million years in the making, these waterfalls capture the power and beauty of nature in one stunning sight. By Zachary Laks

10 Best Taco Spots in the U.S.

With expertly homemade tortillas, succulent meats, and intensely flavorful salsas, the perfect taco packs a lot of flavor into every single bite. As the latest street food to receive a highbrow makeover, tacos lend themselves well to innovative chefs looking to put a personal spin on a classic. While a few of the restaurants featured here have menus with a unique twist, most stick to basics and serve up simply

Beginner's Guide to Hawaii: Maui, Lanai, and Molokai

First-time visitors to Hawaii can be overwhelmed when planning their trips. After all, the state has six tourist islands—which is the right one to experience? It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking Waikiki Beach and Honolulu should be the first stops, especially because most of the direct flight options land on Oahu. Though Oahu has its draws, it really shouldn’t be the first stop for new visitors; Honolulu

10 Recently Renovated Destination Spas in the U.S.

From the treatment rooms to the décor, even the finest resorts can show wear and tear through the years, and there’s nothing more dispiriting than checking into a luxury retreat to find it feels old and uninspired. Millions are spent each year in a never-ending race to update the country’s premium vacation spots with the most contemporary finishes. From transforming color schemes to building a lazy river, these ten newly

Fodor's Week in Travel: Travel Tips

Looking for more than just recommendations for beautiful places to visit? We’ve got insider advice and useful pointers to help you get the most out of your vacation. Check out our weekly roundup for our suggestions from what not to do on trips to how to tip in France. 10 Things Not to Do in Atlanta  Don’t overwhelm yourself with all Atlanta has to offer. Stay away from these ten

World's 15 Most Scenic Train Rides

In a relaxation showdown amongst trains, planes, and automobiles, trains win as the most laidback style of travel, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Luckily, some of the world’s most beautiful destinations are also home to the most scenic train rides—journeys ranging from a few hours to more than a week, costing as little as two movie tickets or as much as a luxury cruise, and

Eurostar Introduces New Routes to the South of France

May 1 marked the maiden voyage of Eurostar’s new direct trains to Lyon, Avignon, and Marseille from London and Ashford, England. Eurostar’s high-speed service to Paris, inaugurated in 1994, streamlined trips between the two capitals, decreasing an arduous six-hour ground journey—that included multiple slow trains, buses, and ferries—to two hours and fifteen minutes station to station. Although London-Paris flight time is only an hour and fifteen minutes, Eurostar, which runs

Philadelphia's Summer of Pop-Ups

This summer, Philadelphia will transform itself into an urban “resort” with a series of pop-up parks and seasonal beer gardens. With the recent launch of the city’s bike-share program, Indego, you can easily hop from one venue to another. Here’s a rundown of some of the city’s coolest spots to escape from the summer heat. Beer Gardens With a Mission Several years ago, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society added beer to the

10 Things Not to Do in Atlanta

Whether you’re heading to Atlanta for work or pleasure, we’ve got you covered with ten things not to do in the capital of the New South. This list will help you avoid some all-too-common mistakes and reveal when not to visit, where not to stay, and little-known or new places you shouldn’t miss out on. Follow this expert advice on what to stay away from in Atlanta, and you’ll leave having

10 Can't-Miss Pop-up Restaurants in 2015

The pop-up trend has arrived at the plate, introducing diners to one-off culinary experiences that feature celebrity chefs, off-the-grid locations, and innovative menus. We’ve rounded up ten upcoming pop-ups across North America that will entice your taste buds this season, ranging from long-table dinners on an organic farm to musical pairing events. By Anja Mutic

How to Tip in France

There is nothing more vexing than trying to figure out who to tip, how much, and when—especially when you’re in a foreign country. You’ll come face to face with employees at airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants, and cafés. Do you have to tip everyone? What about shuttle bus drivers, tour guides, and bellmen? The next time your travels take you to Paris or elsewhere in France, rely on the following

12 Things Not to Do in Los Angeles

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is one of most sprawling cities in the world, making it impossible to see all, or even most, of it in one trip. It’s downright overwhelming when you think about how to pack Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the beach cities, and everything in between into one trip. Many visitors try to do it all, but there are some things you simply shouldn’t do in L.A.

What to Do in Milan During Expo 2015

The World’s Fair has given birth to some of the most visually memorable landmarks: Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Seattle’s Space Needle, St. Louis’ Gateway Arch. Now Milan, the site of this year’s Expo, has replenished its historic Darsena port. Originally envisaged in the thirteenth century, the Darsena was where cargo ships unloaded goods, right into the center of the city. During the sixties, a great deal of the Darsena was covered,