On the heels of gold surging near the $2,100 level at the end of last week, this will cause the gold market to catch fire if we see this today.

As Good as Gold
March 4 (King World News) From Citi’s Naveen Nair:  Gold shot higher on Friday and is testing the December 28 high of $2089.

Why it matters: Price has not closed over this level, with just an intraday break on Dec 4 that was quickly pared. That makes resistance at $2089 reasonably strong.

Gold Trying To Overcome $2,089 (RED LINE) Resistance

IF we see a close above however, it would suggest a break higher towards $2135-2143 (ATH, ascending resistance).

If Gold Closes Above $2,089, Next Target $2,143 (PURPLE LINE)

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Downside watch: Daily slow stochastics has moved into overbought territory. We think any cross lower should be closely watched, especially since the last 3 crossovers have seen ~3% moves lower. To the downside, the key support region will be 1969-1984 (200d MA, 55w MA, Dec 2023 low, Feb 14 low).

Technical indicators:

  • Price has not closed above the 2089 level, suggesting strong resistance
  • Next level of resistance at 2135-2137 (ATH, ascending resistance).
  • Cross below overbought territory has suggested a ~3% drop in the past 3 instances.

King World News note:  In overseas trading gold has already surged to $2,095. If the trend higher continues today that will open up the door for gold to move to the $2,143 level Naveen noted in the first chart.  This would also trigger the silver and mining share markets to trade much higher as well.  Let’s see how we close today.

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