This just hit another all-time record and it’s incredibly bullish for gold and silver.

December 11 (King World News)
Peter Boockvar: 
So a day after the ECB went further down the path of the Bank of Japan (what exactly has been so effective about BoJ policy over the past 30 years?), the German 10 yr yield is testing the lowest level since March at -.64%

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Another Record For Negative Yielding Debt
Others like Spain (10 yr yield now at zero) and Portugal have broken the March lows. Yesterday saw the dollar amount of negative yielding securities rise to a new fresh record high at $18 Trillion (see chart below).

Another Reason To Be Bullish On Gold & Silver
$18 Trillion of assets that are now liabilities for the holders. If one needed another reason to be bullish on gold and silver, this would be it. See chart below, gold has some catching up to do on the upside.

Again, what all these central banks, including the Fed, are doing is not stimulating economic growth (I argue it does the opposite), but instead are just financing/monetizing government debts and deficits.

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