As we kickoff the trading week, gold looks ready to soar again vs the stock market, this has gotten out of hand, a look at a shocking chart, plus gold gold and silver?

Got Gold & Silver?
September 14
 (King World News)
Fred Hickey:
  “Trouble is brewing with the expiration of these relief policies,” PPP money is running out (employees kept on payrolls with PPP). Federal $600 extended benefits ended 7/31 (replaced with much lesser program). Some state unemployment benefits ending too. 
U.S. govt. created enormous transfer payment programs (including sending checks directly to people) and Fed financed it all with newly (“printed”) money. Caused a short-term economic “sugar high” that offset recessionary impacts. Now they’re ending. Pain won’t be tolerated so…

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…they’ll repeat the process (printing money and sending it out to US people). Ultimately inflationary, bad for U.S. dollar and great for precious metals. Got gold (and silver)?”

Jeroen Blokland: 
Interesting and somewhat disturbing. The percent of people earning more than their parents has collapsed (see chart below).

Percent Of People Earning More Than Their Parents!

Gold vs Stocks
Lawrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy Société Générale:
  Gold vs. Stocks (see chart below).

Gold Looks Ready To Soar Again vs Stock Market

Gold’s Stellar Performance
King World News note:  Gold has performed extremely well vs the Nasdaq and S&P 500 (See chart below).

Past 2 Years Gold’s Performance (BLUE) Has Dominated

This Has Gotten Out Of Hand
The Daily Shot: 
The US budget gap (See chart below).

GOLD FOR GOLD: Disastrous Increase In US Budget Gap!

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