On the heels of the price of silver surging above the key psychological level of $30, look at who said the silver bull market is just getting started.

Silver Bull Market Just Getting Started
May 15 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  In 2023, solar panel production more than doubled and has continued rising this year, surging the demand—and, therefore, the price—for silver.

Silver is plentiful in solar panels. It conducts electricity exceptionally well and does not waste energy by emitting a lot of that energy as heat. 

Last year, renewable energy installations grew by 50 percent, and about three-quarters of that gain was in the form of solar panels.

As demand has jumped, so has silver’s price: it has shot from $21 per ounce last October to more than $29 now, its highest price since 2013.

That is only the beginning. Based on current trends, solar panel factories are expected to buy 170 percent more silver by 2030, raising the demand to 273 million ounces, about 20 percent of global demand, according to precious metals investment firm Sprott.

“Industrial demand is soaring, driven by photovoltaic and other electrification end uses, while supply is flat to declining,” Mitchell Krebs, CEO of Coeur Mining, said in comments quoted by The Wall Street Journal.

“China’s soaring installations are expected to continue being a key driver for demand growth,” he added.

China is expected to double its solar panel production by 2024 and continue to hold at least 80 percent of the global market share.

We may be seeing the start of a silver bull market,” Eduardo Landin, CEO of Hochschild Mining, told the WSJ.

Along with gold prices, silver will continue to rise since it is heavily used not only in the solar world but also in hi-tech equipment…computer’s, cell phones etc. And unlike gold which has stockpiles, when the computer and cellphone die, they, along with the silver elements are buried with them, thus, new silver must be mined.

Expect Violent Upside Action
King World News note:  Many people have been selling, but I would remind people that it is almost impossible to perfectly time trading in and out of phase III of a bull market, which will eventually end in a parabolic mania. As Jim Sinclair used to say, the violent action to the upside in the gold market alone “is going to light people’s hair on fire.”

Also of importance…

Eric King:  “Bryan, in its early stages your project in Victoria is mirroring the legendary Fosterville discovery. And now you just released results from your project in PNG that shocked everyone because of the high-grade. In fact, it looks like that project is mirroring K92s historic high-grade discovery. So the company has now become a twin threat in terms of making world class discoveries.”

World Class Assays in the Right Neighborhood
Bryan Slusarchuk:  Yes, Eric, this week’s Great Pacific Gold assays show that the veins on the company’s Kesar Project, along strike and having the same orientation as major K92 vein sets, carry high grade mineralization. Multiple samples from outcrop and from small underground workings returned ultra high grades – one sample graded as high as 244 g/t gold. Note also, in addition to the sampling from in-place occurrences on the property, Great Pacific also conducted a soil sampling program with more than 300 samples taken over a strike length of 5.5km. These soils returned exceptionally remarkable values (see 20.9 g/t gold). As soil sampling has proven to be a very effective tool for K92 Mining next door, these high grades in the soils at Kesar are very encouraging.

Well Positioned for Massive Upside
Great Pacific Gold has assembled a commanding 2500 sq km land package in PNG, known as “The Land of Giants” in the mining world for good reason. These properties range from the early stage and highly prospective Kesar Project through to the more advanced stage, former producing Wild Dog asset. Copper and gold are both important in these systems and Great Pacific Gold has a multitude of high-grade epithermal vein targets along with porphyry style potential. PNG has become a hot exploration jurisdiction due to the success of K92 Mining and the recent entry of the world’s largest gold company to the country. The early mover/first mover advantage that the Great Pacific Gold team has in this new era of PNG mineral exploration is important.

Twin Threat For Major Discoveries
At current budget, Great Pacific Gold has two years of working capital and is therefore well financed to conduct exploration. And as you mentioned, Eric, in addition to the company’s substantial PNG copper-gold project, the company also has a new discovery next door in Australia called Comet where a hole grading 8m at 106 g/t gold was announced at the start of 2024 and is being followed up on now with additional drilling. So, Eric, PNG provides an excellent foundation while Australia provides some amazing lottery ticket blue sky potential. Great Pacific Gold, symbol GPAC in Canada and FSXLF in the US.

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