With back-to-back plunges in in the Dow, this is a major warning that the stock market decline may be very lengthy.

No Cash Cushion
October 2 (King World News) – Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  “No cash cushion. In September, individual investors reduced their cash position to one of the lowest levels in 30 years. They’re not alone. Other groups of investors are also carrying a very low amount of cash relative to other assets. That has not been a good timing indicator but does raise long-term risk if stocks start to see a more protracted decline.

The latest monthly survey data on individual investors shows that while they still have a relatively negative outlook (improved since early September), they’re not exactly raising a lot of cash in anticipation of a major decline…

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One Of The Lowest Readings In 30 Years
There is often a conflict between the weekly survey of their opinions and the monthly survey of their actual positions. One would think that if they were negative, they would sell some of their stocks and raise the cash allocation. But in September, their cash dropped to 14.6%, one of the lowest readings in 30 years.

It’s not just them. Mutual fund managers are also carrying a near-record low amount of cash. So are retail investors. And Rydex mutual fund timers. And private pension plans. And folks with margin accounts. As a sample, we can see below how cash balances are dragging along near the lowest levels in decades. (See charts below).





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