On the heels of Wednesday’s brutal takedown in the gold and silver markets, look at who just said the panic selling is putting money in his pocket because he knows gold is going higher, plus finally some good news for silver bulls.

Selling Creates Opportunity
September 23 (King World News) – Fred Hickey:
  “Levered gold futures traders push prices around, trying to stampede investors in 1 direction or another (breaking technical chart levels). Late last night they succeeded in breaking $1900, causing a wave of selling. In long-run, puts money in my pocket as I know gold’s going higher.”

This Has Been The Trend For More Than 20 Years
Jeroen Blokland:
  “The velocity of US money in one chart! (See below).

US Is Turning Japanese As Velocity Of Money
Continues Its Downward Trajectory

Gold Has Become Key To The System
Luke Gromen:
  “After decades of trying to get gold out of the system, US policymakers have paradoxically succeeded in ensuring that as goes gold, so too will go oil, the S&P 500, Nasdaq, US consumer spending, & US tax receipts. It’s like the monetary version of letting China into the WTO.”

Finally Some Good News For Silver Bulls
King World News note:  This Cross Appears To Be Very Gold Signal For Silver Bulls

Cross Appears To Be Good News For Silver Bulls
(Click to enlarge chart below to see silver
price movements after the cross)

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Gold & Silver Takedown
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