With the Dow tumbling 400, bonds rallying and the price of gold surging, one indicator is now forecasting $1,900 gold. Also, take a look at what is happening to the price of gold in Australia.

US Debt & Gold
May 23 (King World News) – Dan Popescu noted:
  “US debt and debt limit vs gold: Gold price should be around $1,900 (see chart below).”

Rising US Debt Forecasts $1,900 Gold Price

King World News note: It is important to keep in mind that the price of gold often overshoots US debt rather than simply catching up to it, which means the price of gold should trade to a new all-time high well in excess of $1,900.

Meanwhile, in Australia…
No bear market in gold in Australia as the price of gold is now attacking an all-time high!

Price Of Gold In Australia Attacking All-Time High!

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