The most important chart of 2023 will blow your mind. Make sure you take a long look at this chart.

March 21 (King World News) – Otavio Costa:  This remains the most important macro chart of this decade. Parts of this investment thesis are already playing out: The growth to value transition Failing 60/40 portfolios Commodities supercycle Peak cheap energy prices The bursting of speculative Expensive Tech stocks being re-rated These trends are all interconnected with the idea that monetary conditions are too tight for financial assets at these valuations but too loose for secular inflationary forces.

Commodities vs Stock Ratio Remains Near Lowest Level In History

Gold, Silver & Commodity Bull Markets Will Be Violent On The Upside
King World News note:  The chart above is one that originated from Ronnie Stoeferle at Incrementum and Costa credited Stoeferle for creating the original chart. KWN readers around the world need to take a very close look at the chart in order to understand how violent the bull market in commodities is going to be in terms of its outperformance vs stocks. Commodities may outperform stocks by a 12/1 margin. Regardless, the commodity bull market will certainly be a sight to behold and all of this will lead to massively higher gold and silver prices as well as the underlying shares of the companies that mine and explore for the metals. Make sure you are properly positioned for what is in front of us. And make sure you own physical gold and silver.

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