As we kickoff the final two weeks of trading in 2018, the gold and silver markets are set to shock investors around the world in 2019 and there will be hell to pay.

Gold Bull Set To Resume
December 17 (King World News) –
 Lundeen sent KWN the following note:  Here’s gold and its step sum.  Not since gold formed a Bull Box that failed in 2016 have these two plots decoupled.  And seeing them decouple for a few days or weeks doesn’t count.  A true step sum box goes on for months, and sometimes for years.

But as for now, market reality (Blue Price Plot) is bullish in the gold market, while market expectations (Red Step Sum Plot) are guardedly bullish.  Mid-month December 2018; that’s probably a pretty good assessment of the gold market, and it should remain that way until the financial markets begin to deflate in a major fashion…

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… These are all tedious details in a market not in a hurry to do anything exciting to the up or downside.  And I expect this will continue being the case for gold until we see daily volatility in the gold market begin to surge upwards from its current 0.44% in its 200 Day M/A.  Unlike the Dow Jones – gold and silver bull markets LOVE BIG DAILY VOLATILITY!

Gold And Silver Bulls To Shock Investors With 3-5% Daily Moves
Days of extreme volatility for gold are +/- 3% days, while for silver it takes a +/- 5% daily move to produce an extreme market event.  The last time gold saw an extreme day was on 04 October 2016, a -3.30% day, and silver’s last extreme day was on 11 November 2016, a -6.66% day.  Both of these days were over two years ago, two years of quiet daily trading that did little for us bulls in the gold and silver markets.

But you just wait.  The day is coming when the gold and silver markets will once again see regular daily moves of well over 3% and 5% as they resume their market advances, as deflation in financial market assets such as stocks and bonds inspire fear and loathing in the hearts of their owners.

Lundeen also sent KWN the following chart illustrating the massive bubble in financial markets that is now set to unwind:

Historic Market Bubble Set To Crash!

The collapse of the massive bubble in stocks will be a major catalyst for the next leg higher in the gold and silver markets that will propel prices to levels people can only dream about today.

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