Here is a look at the biggest bubble of all, gold and silver ignoring strong US dollar, market panic or admit how bad things really are, plus QE and fiat money failing.

Biggest Bubble Of All
July 30 (King World News) – 
D. Schrottenbaum, Chief Investment Officer at Austrian private bank:  “There‘s no shortage of expensive assets out there, but the biggest bubble of all might be brewing in VC. Record dry powder, and almost all asset managers planning to increase the allocation to the asset class…(See chart below).

The Biggest Bubble Of All – Venture Capital

Money Backed By Nothing
Jeroen Blokland: 
“Wow! The British Pound continues its ‘no-deal’ Brexit slide, now at 1.2150, approaching post Brexit-referendum levels. (See chart below).

BRITISH POUND: It Used To Be Backed By A Pound Of Silver, Now It’s Just Paper Money That’s Collapsing

Gold & Silver Ignoring Strong US Dollar
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  “PM (Gold & Silver) didn´t really take notice of last week´s strong move in USD. Maybe it has noticed what I am seeing, that the move seems not very strong looking at the indicators. It is now confirmed by price action that June low was an ICL. Looking for a very left translated IC. (See chart below).

CAUTION: US Dollar Not As Strong As It Looks

Fiat Money Is Failing
Lawrence Lepard:
  “US Treasury net borrowing $433B v $160 prior. Fiat money is failing.”…

To listen to 
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Market Panic Or Admit How Bad Things Really Are
Sven Henrich: 
“25bp is a complete waste of limited ammunition. Either do nothing and cause a market panic. Or do 50bp and freak everyone out how bad it really must be…
2017: Tax cuts will produce 4% growth & trade wars are easy.
2018: At least we got above 3% growth & a trade deal is imminent.
2019: Ok, we’re actually only getting 2% growth & there may not be a trade deal until after 2020, but if the Fed cuts 100bp we’ll get 4% growth then.

The Trouble With Money Printing…It Doesn’t Work
Albert Edwards, Former Global Strategist at Societe Generale:
  “In one obvious key respect US QE has been a failure. Despite the Fed throwing QE at financial assets, the US household SR has not reacted as normal. With this level of net wealth normally the SR would have fallen to near 2%. Today’s upward revisions to the SR put it at 8%! (See chart below).

Yes, QE Has Been A Miserable Failure

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$1,550+ Gold, Plus What’s Coming In The Next Few Months?
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