On the heels of unprecedented events taking place around the globe, today the top trends forecaster in the world gave King World News readers an exclusive sneak peak at his shocking top trends for 2015.  Below is what Gerald Celente, who is founder of Trends Research and the man considered to be the top trends forecaster in the world, had to say in his fascinating interview.

Eric King: “Gerald, there are 9 very exciting top trends that you are putting out for 2015 and we are going to give KWN readers and listeners an exclusive sneak peak at those top trends.  To start with, Gerald, ‘Price Wars,’ that’s one of your top trends for 2015.  Can you talk about that?”

Celente:  “Yes, Eric.  And when we are looking at trends we need to understand that our process is called ‘Globalnomic.’  Meaning that all things are connected.  So let’s look at what’s going on now that’s the big news….

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“Look at what’s happening to oil prices.  Listen to the words coming out of the ECB, Japan, and around the world.  They are talking about deflation.  They are concerned that prices are going down.

Unprecedented Global ‘Price Wars’ to Rage?

And when you look at oil prices, Saudi Arabia is now saying that Brent (crude oil) will be down around $60 a barrel.  Remember it was $115 a barrel back in June.  So you are going to start seeing Price Wars.  What are the Saudis doing?  They are (essentially) saying, ‘Listen, I’m going to give you a better deal.  We are going to put everybody else out of business that we can so that we can corner the market a little bit more and get rid of the competition.  So we are going to lower the price.’  Price Wars.

Look at what happened with holiday retail sales.  Black Friday?  How about red Friday?  Because that’s what the numbers showed.  No, they didn’t go up 4.1 percent as the National Retail Federation had forecast.  They were down 11 percent.  Price Wars — 50 – 75 percent off.  There’s something new going on.  Back in the old days people used to go out rushing to shop for holiday gifts because if you didn’t get out early your favorite choices would be gone.  No more. 

Go back to oil.  Oversupply.  More supply than demand.  Whether it’s toys, oil, copper, you name it and there is more of it than people can buy.  So you are going to start seeing Price Wars.  This is a big one (theme for 2015).  So that disinflation trend that they are talking about, this is real.  Deflation is real.

So what you are going to start seeing are more and more companies cutting their prices to gain more consumers.  How does it end?  It’s not a happy ending because the reality is that people can afford less and there are more products than they can consume.  So we’re going to start seeing a vicious cycle.

Fossil fuels to be replaced?

This ties into some of the other trends that we are looking at.  And when you are looking at oil, this is a big change going on because this is also happening at a time when our next trend comes in — ‘Dominant Energy.’  They talk about alternative energies to fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are going to be the alternative energy at some point.  They are not going to count that much any more.

Is that pie in the sky?  Eric, when I was a young man I remember when there was the iceman.  And you listened to those old song from the 1930s about the Frigidaire coming around.  Ice used to be the energy.  That was the fossil fuel (to cool products).

Look at the same thing — candle power.  Then there were gas lamps.  Guess what?  Then there was electricity.  Fossil fuels are going to be as antiquated as ice and gas lamps.  It’s happening now.  And what we do in this top trends for 2015 is we have Ben Davis, one of the foremost energy people in the world who writes about these cutting edge breakthroughs, showing the readers what is going to be the new dominant energy — beyond wind, solar, geothermal, or biofuel.  So this is going to be a big breakthrough year.

Now on the other end of this trend you hear people saying, ‘Well, with energy prices going down there is not going to be a push to come out with an alternative because the fossil fuel is so cheap.  And that’s not the way it works.  We are looking at breakthroughs now in renewable energies that are going to be making the market share of fossil fuels continue to decline, and one of them is tomorrow’s hydrogen energy which is going to make a public debut. 

Ben Davis will be talking not only about hydrogen but also cleaner, safer nuclear power and many other avenues of new energy that are not in the mainstream news right now, but are going to be in our houses, in our cars, and in our lives.” This was just a small portion of what Celente had to say in his remarkable audio interview where he gives KWN listeners an exclusive sneak peak at many of the top trends for 2015 and also discusses the historic trading action taking place in the gold and silver markets.  The audio with Celente will be released later today and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.  Also, for KWN readers who want to sign up for Gerald Celente’s video which covers the spectacular sold out 4 hour conference in New York you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

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