Back to basics: is Web 1.0 making a comeback?

Introduction and the yearning for Web 1.0 Is your website optimised for Netscape 2.0? Fifteen years ago that was a critical question in IT, but it’s those early days of the internet that some yearn for. Back in the 1990s, chat rooms weren’t global platforms demanding participation, and hosted no advertising. Websites were ugly, but simplistic. Distractions were few. Would you go back? Are modern websites too demanding for some

Google Now brings better search to Chrome OS

Google is rolling out an update to Chrome OS to bring the Google Now experience to Chrome OS. The feature was previously available in a beta of the Chrome operating system, and now all Chromebooks have access to Google’s anticipatory search computing engine in the public release. Along with porting Google Now from Android to Chrome OS, there are a few other notable changes as part of the Chrome OS

Lawnmowers vs Satellites: The real robot wars have begun

World War 3 is here – and this time it’s being fought by robots. On one side, we’ve got the autonomous lawnmowers, their blades glinting in the morning sun. On the other, the satellites are lined up; with solar panels and canadarms unfurled and ready to kill. What are they fighting over? The most vital resource left on the planet – bandwidth in the electromagnetic spectrum. Okay, maybe we’re over-egging

Google's EU showdown offers openings to competitors

Whether or not the EU succeeds in branding Google a market-abusing monopolist in web search – a big if, given that the competition authority has yet to publish its exact charges – the Internet giant could be pinned down for years to come in regulatory procedures and legal appeals. A drawn-out process is likely to embolden existing and would-be interlopers to step up assaults on Google’s wide range of businesses,

Week in Tech: Week in Tech: Candy Crush injuries, huge Huaweis and why Google's in hot water

It’s been a big week in technology: Google’s facing big fines, Huawei has come up with a phone so big it probably has its own postcode and Netflix has big plans for the future of streaming. Not only that, but we’ve seen big numbers for the Apple Watch, big Blu-ray plans from Sky and a big game that put a man in hospital. Google’s in deep EU doo-doo We knew

This will turn your fingernail into a tiny trackpad

Wearable technology is routinely mocked by the fashion world, and you can totally see why – people keep inventing things like cooling underwear, drumming trousers and QR-code ties. But MIT’s Media Lab reckons that a fingernail-mounted trackpad that it’s invented might actually prove both useful and stylish. It’s called NailO, and consists of a capacitive touch surface, microcontroller, battery, and Bluetooth chip crammed into a package that’s small and light

Google to prop up Windows XP with Chrome support until 2016

Google has extended support for its Chrome browser on Windows XP until at least the end of 2015 after reneging on a plan to shut down updates in April. Any systems still running the lumbering zombie that is XP, which Microsoft ended support for in April 2014, will continue to snag regular security patches and updates to prevent their systems falling prey to malware or browser-based attacks. “Millions of people

In depth: 5 things you should know about Docker

Introduction With all the hype surrounding virtual machines on the wane there is another technology that has stepped up to the plate to offer developers a superior service, and it goes by the name of Docker. In simple terms, Docker is a container and as such the technology that backs it up isn’t particularly new. The company itself is what makes it special thanks to the way it is bringing

Matthew McConaughey's reaction to the new Star Wars trailer

The internet has won again, providing us with a simply fantastic video detailing the McCounaughey’s reaction to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that has been on loop in the office all day. His (inter)stellar reaction is pretty much exactly like ours was. We’re not ashamed to admit that our normal Journalistic aloofness dissolved in tears the moment we saw that crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku. YouTube :