Today King World News was stunned to learn that the Swiss politician who launched the Swiss Gold Initiative was actually banned from participating in the televised debate.  Luzi Stamm, who was one of the primary architects of the Swiss Gold Initiative, spoke with KWN about why he was banned from the televised debate and why “It is not possible (to continue) what’s (currently) going on in the Western world.”  Below is his remarkable interview.

Eric King:  “Luzi, it’s very interesting because so much energy is being spent by Western central planners, by the Swiss National Bank and Swiss politicians — the whole (mainstream) world seems to be lined up together against you.  They are extremely concerned about this Swiss Gold Initiative, aren’t they?”

Stamm:  “Yes, that’s true.  And Switzerland has this unique political system, so we can vote on it.  And my general impression is that the (Swiss) National Bank and the political elite think totally different than the broad population.  So let’s hope the best for this vote.”

Eric King:  “A new poll has come out that signaled there was a shift in voter sentiment, but you have to wonder how real this (poll) is and how much of it is (orchestrated for the purposes of) propaganda?”

Stamm:  “The political propaganda in Switzerland is an increasing problem….

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“And of course we hope that a large percentage of the broad population is going to vote.  The higher the percentage is (of voter turnout), the more certain we move towards a ‘Yes’ outcome.”

Eric King:  “Just so people around the world understand what’s happening here, Switzerland’s roots have always been towards hard money — towards a very large gold holding.  So as you said, if a large percentage of the people vote, it does lean towards a ‘Yes’ (outcome), doesn’t it?”

Stamm:  “Yes, without any doubt.  The higher the percentage (of voter turnout), the more probable a ‘Yes’ (vote for the Swiss Gold Initiative).  And this shift in politics (and the move toward reckless and irresponsible central bank policies) in the last 15 years is astonishing — to express it in a polite way. 

Traditionally gold was always important for Switzerland.  And under the international influence (pressure), unfortunately the Swiss political elite has (radically) changed (their policies).  So now the population has to tell them, ‘Let’s get back to the traditional politics (sound money, and fiscal responsibility).”

Eric King:  “How much pressure has been put on you by the political parties, by the elites, by the Western central planners, to stop this?  Did they ever come to you and say, ‘Why are you making such a fuss?  Why are you doing this?’”

Stamm:  “Yes, in a certain way.  And for a politician, the dangerous thing is always isolation.  Since I spoke in favor of this (Swiss) Gold Initiative, I feel like the media and the political elite, in a certain way, is trying to boycott me.  But this is a pressure I can live with.  That is for me as a politician no problem because I hope that I am strong enough to speak up nevertheless.”

Eric King:  “But you were one of the original architects of this (Swiss Gold Initiative), and yet when they had a televised debate in Switzerland they banned you from participating.”

Stamm:  “At least they took my two colleagues.  We were the three that initiated this initiative, and at least two of them were (allowed) at the main discussion on Swiss television.  They could have taken all three of us, of course they could have.  I don’t want to say why they didn’t take me but I think the reasons were obvious.  They just don’t want to have the clear points (presented), but my two colleagues did a beautiful job — they defended our idea beautifully.”

Eric King:  “It seems like all the eyes of the world are turned to Switzerland as a last hope to go back to some kind of fiscal sanity.  For the people around the world that would like to see this initiative voted through, what do you say to them?” 

Stamm:  “I tell them if you can, put your governments and your national (central) banks under pressure to change the (monetary) policies back to (being) gold-oriented (sound money).  But I realize that outside of Switzerland the possibility for an average person to put influence on their government or the national (central) bank is very small.  So in that sense the Swiss system is fantastic because we can force the political elite to change policies by saying ‘Yes’ on this public vote.

I’m also afraid that the road Switzerland is on is very negative and disappointing.  But then I look around the world at the United States, the European central bank, and I say to myself, ‘It is not possible (to continue) what’s (currently) going on in the Western world.  And I hope Switzerland can serve as a good example so that even the ones in power in the United States and in the European Union start to think (about changing their disastrous policies).

I would like to tell people around the world that the world cannot be so stupid to just be based on paper (fiat) money, and printing incredible amounts of (fiat) money — instead of thinking of the (history of) gold and traditional experience we have had (with it) for thousands of years.” The extraordinary audio with Luzi Stamm will be released as a bonus interview this weekend.

Since PayPal without warning blocked donations to the Swiss Gold Initiative, an alternative method of payment has been set up.  The PayPal donations that were blocked have been refunded.  Donors can now pay  by bank transfer to a Swiss Post Finance account.  Alternatively, Bitcoin donations are also accepted.  Please click on the link below for details.”

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