On the heels of gold and silver continuing their recent surges, analyst David P. out of Europe sent King World News two extremely important charts, plus a look at $400 silver.

Major Gold Breakout
November 15 (King World News) – The following long-term gold & silver charts and commentary were sent to KWN by analyst David P. out of Europe:  We have a confirmed breakout in Gold on a weekly basis (see chart below).

Gold’s Major Upside Breakout On The Weekly Chart

Gold’s Long Term Outlook
But the big technical level for Gold that will be tested next week is the monthly (see chart below).

A Monthly Close Above The Breakout

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Silver To Outperform Gold
There is now a perfect head & shoulders pattern on the Gold/Silver ratio on both the daily and the monthly (see charts below).

Silver Upside Will Accelerate When Gold/Silver
Ratio Breaks Decisively Below 73/1

When The Gold/Silver Ratio Breaks 64/1, Silver’s
Outperformance vs Gold Will Accelerate

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