As we begin trading in the latter part of the first month of trading in 2018, stunning moves are being made in the gold, silver and bonds markets.

(King World News) – A portion of today’s note from legend Art Cashin: An Update From An Old Friend – My good pal, bond and mortgage maven Barry Habib has updated his view on the ten year Treasury note. Here’s what Barry wrote: 

Moment of truth approaching for the 10-year, as it nears 2.635%. This level, which has kept a lid on yields for almost 4 years, is an important Fibonacci ceiling. This ceiling has held several times over the past 4 years, but if this barrier is pierced to the upside – look for the 10-year note to move up to 3.04% in relatively short order. I don’t think that many are prepared for this move

King World News note:  It is important to note that the commercials are still heavily long US 10-Year Treasuries (see 23-year chart below).

Commercials Heavily Long US 10-Year Treasuries


And look at what is happening with 5-Year US Treasuries (see stunning 23-year chart below).

Commercials Increase All-Time Record Long Positions In 5-Year US Treasuries!


king-world-news - Stunning Moves Are Being Made In The Gold, Silver And Bond Markets

With about gold and silver?

Recently, there have been significant fund flows into the gold ETF GLD (see chart below).

Money Flowing Into Gold ETF


But money has been flowing out of the Silver ETF (see chart below).

Money Flowing Out Of Silver ETF


Investors and professionals like to chase price performance.  As the price of silver continues to rally, we will begin to see money aggressively flow into the silver ETF.  Many are worried about the commercial buildup of short positions in the gold market.  Here is what Bill Fleckenstein had to say in his Q&A:

Q:  Bill, open interest on Comex has now grown to its highest level since fall of 2016. Every time the commercials get this short the Spec’s get flushed and the shares over the last two trading days look weak on heavy volume. If we side with history over the last five years Gold should get hit hard and soon. Feels like deja vu all over again.I feel like Moses wandering in the desert.Does this ever end?

Fleck:  Don’t borrow trouble. It may play out as you fear, or it may not. I’m not doing anything based on that data.”

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that crude oil experienced a massive rally in the face of all-time record shorting by commercials.  The same may be true for gold, so don’t try to get cute and time the market.  Instead, simply continue to dollar cost average by buying physical gold and silver at the same time each month and holding for the long-term.

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