After a big move in gold, silver and the miners on Thursday, this will turbocharge upside moves in gold and silver.

Mining Stocks Surge 5%!
November 2 (King World News
) – 
On Thursday shares of the HUI Mining Stock Index surged roughly 5%.  As you can see in the weekly chart below, the MACD is solidly in a buy signal, which may lead to significant gains in the coming months.  This is taking place even as investor sentiment is at historic lows for the mining stocks. 

HUI Mining Stock Index Remains In A Buy Signal

It is also important to note that the largest gold mining company in the world, Barrick Gold, has been trading significantly higher on monster volume since coming off the lows and announcing the merger with Rangold (see chart below).

Largest Gold Miner In The World, Barrick Gold, Continues To Surge On Huge Volume

They say nobody rings a bell at the bottom of the market but the announcement of the Barrick Gold/Rangold merger was definitely a loud bell warning that the bottom of the gold and mining share markets had already been seen…

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This Will Turbocharge Gains In Gold & The Miners
There was also this warning from Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader after Thursday’s bounce in the stock market:

“A failed bounce failure. In the October 18 report, we looked at failed bounces in the ACWI All World Excluding U.S. index. If it continued lower over the next two weeks, the longer-term returns also tended to be negative. Even with the rally the past few days, the index is negative over the past two weeks, ushering in the more negative precedents.”

Continued weakness in the stock market in the coming year will send gold prices as well as the shares of high-quality mining companies higher as they will have an inverse relationship.  This will turbocharge the gains that have already been seen off the recent lows in the HUI.  For those that are accumulating physical gold and silver, use any weakness to add to your holdings.  When the price of gold breaks back above $1,400 and silver above $20 you will be glad you used the weakness to accumulate.

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