A warning signal is flashing gold may soon correct in order to consolidate recent gains even as a tidal wave of money continues to pour into the gold market.

Peak Dollar?
June 25 (King World News) – 
Holger Zschaepitz:  “Peak Dollar? Hedge funds have pared their bearish Euro bets even as Draghi hinted at increased accommodation by ECB ahead of Fed’s own dovish lean on Wed. Euro net short positions fell from -86,792 contracts to -52,330 contracts, biggest weekly drop since Jan2018. (See chart below).

Hedge Funds Covering Euro Shorts – Biggest Weekly Drop Since January 2018

Gold Leaving Silver In The Dust For Now
Ole Hansen of SaxoBank:
  “Gold has put silver and other semi industrial metals completely in the shade for now. XAUXAG (Gold/Silver ratio) at a record 92.5 while Platinum’s discount has reached a record $620/oz. Both in need of the fiscal policy panic that may follow once rate cuts fail to move the growth needle. (See chart below).

The Big Picture For Gold

CAUTION: Warning Signal Flashing Gold May Correct
Ole Hansen of SaxoBank continues: 
“Gold update: The 3 month 25 delta risk reversal just touched 4% (calls over), the highest level in almost ten years. While highlighting the bullish sentiment following last week’s breakout it has also raises the risk of a s/t correction (BUT NOT A REVERSAL IMO) (See chart below).

CAUTION: Gold Market May See Correction In Order To Consolidate Gains

Serious War Raging In The Silver Market
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