Today Peter Schiff said gold’s rise will accelerate, Fred Hickey warned panic is coming, plus gold, silver and mining stocks are now set for big gains.

Gold’s Rise Will Accelerate
February 18 (King World News) – 
Peter Schiff:  “If the Coronavirus results in lower global production of goods and services, and central banks respond by printing even more money, consumer prices will explode higher. More money chasing fewer goods. This policy is a prescription for disaster. Soon $1,600 gold will look cheap!

The boost the U.S. dollar and stock market are getting from mistakes made by foreign central banks will be short-lived, as the relative advantage will be lost as the Fed first follows and then takes the lead in making even bigger mistakes. In contrast gold’s rise will accelerate.

Rally In Gold Miners Could Be Explosive!
Gold is now up 5.5% so far this year, yet most gold stocks are still negative YTD. The GDX is still slightly lower in 2020. Gold stock investors remain cautious despite the most bullish fundamentals the metal has ever seen. Once the sentiment changes the rally could be explosive!”…

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Panic Is Coming For Investors
Fred Hickey: 
“Once the light bulb finally goes on in the heads of these “investors” that the global economy – weighed down by enormous debts, uncorrected excesses and malinvestments – is heading into a deep recession and the Fed is powerless to stop it – they’ll panic.”

Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks Set For Big Gains
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  “Today we got the pm (gold & silver) miners breakout. Means we now have confirmed DCLs (Daily Cycle Lows). Both gapped their resistance line in style. Both have clear bullish cross on MACD today. (See below).

GDX Gap Up Signals More Gains In The Weeks
Ahead For Gold And Mining Stocks!

Silver Miner Gap Up Signals More Gains In The Weeks
Ahead For Both Silver And Silver Mining Stocks!

Also of importance…

Eric King:  “John, your company had some news today. Can you talk about the just released PFS and your plans for 2020?”

Nevada’s Next Gold Mine
John Awde:  “This is going to be Nevada’s next gold mine.  It will be extremely profitable with a towering IRR (Internal Rate Of Return) of 40%!  Gold Standard owns the second largest land position in Nevada and it is our intention to not only ramp up the ounces and move existing ounces to measured and indicated from inferred, but we also intend to go after another Dark Star-style discovery.  The bottom line is we are just getting started and 2020 should be a banner year for Gold Standard Ventures, both in terms of discovery and enhancement of the existing flagship project.” Gold Standard Ventures, symbol GSV in the US and Canada.

KWN has now released an audio interview

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Big Surprise As We Kickoff Trading
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