Today Rick Rule spoke with King World News about gold, silver, crude oil, uranium, mining stocks, and also said the gold bull market is close to ensuing.

The Gold Bull Market Is Close To Ensuing
October 7 (King World News) – 
Rick Rule:  “I think the gold market is pretty healthy.  If you own gold in any currency other than the US dollar the last 18 months have been good for you.  But the US dollar has been very strong and gold has held in, despite what had been a very strong market for the US 10-Year Treasury.  So I think gold has done an extremely well.  Eric, we’ve been in a 35 year bull market in the dollar and a 35 year bull market in US 10-Year Treasuries, so my suspicion is that the Treasury bull market and the dollar bull market are either at the top or very close to the top.  If I’m right about that then a gold bull market is probably in the process of ensuing…To continue listening to Rick Rule discuss the gold, silver, uranium, crude oil and interest rates markets CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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