As we get ready to kickoff another trading week, here is a look at AI, rogue waves and a cure for cancer.

December 10 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  Every day all over the world, the oceans spin up “rogue waves” or “monster waves” at least twice the height of others around them. They can appear suddenly and swamp ships.

In 2022, a monster wave broke over a cruise ship off Antarctica, killing one person and injuring four.

In 2020, the so-called Ucluelet wave off the coast of Canada was calculated to be 58 feet high and three times bigger than any waves nearby.

Scientists think rogue waves are caused when two ocean swells cross paths but no one knows for sure. “Basically, it is just very bad luck when one of these giant waves hits,” scientist Dion Hafner at the Niels Bohr Institute said in a press statement. 

Now Hafner and his colleagues have trained an AI on 700 years’ worth of ocean data drawn from historical accounts as well as data from buoys in 158 places around the world’s oceans. 

From that data, the AI surmised the cause of rogue waves and created a model that predicts their likelihood. The researchers then reverse-engineered the AI’s reasoning to create an equation that can forecast the chance of a monster wave.

Until the AI was put on the job, the factors that cause the disruptions “have not been combined into a single risk estimate,” Hafner said. 

Ships’ crews can now use the algorithm to determine the chance of a rogue wave along its path and correct the vessel’s course away from it.

AI’s key benefit to date is as a predictor.

So far, AI has bested humans at forecasting not only rogue waves, but also weather patterns, possible protein shapes, early cases of breast cancer, and new materials, among dozens of other instances. 

AI will continue to give science and technology a growing arsenal of new tools to speed discoveries as well as to prevent a range of tragedies.

The risk: we will be so dazzled by AI’s growing abilities to benefit us that we’ll forget to pay attention to the risks that grow along with its advantages…

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Gerald Celente:  Glioblastoma is a particularly virulent form of cancer that typically kills its victims within 12 months of being diagnosed because it’s so hard to treat.

However, glioblastoma—like all forms of cancer—has a vulnerability: its cells depend on electrical patterns to grow and reproduce.

At the U.K.’s University of Nottingham, scientists have found a way to interfere with those patterns in a way that kills the cancer cells.

The researchers fashioned gold nano-electrodes that create an electromagnetic field within the cancer cells. The field steers an electron away from a particular protein molecule within the cell. That single step sets off a series of biochemical events that disrupts the cells’ ability to function and eventually kills them. 

In a 12-hour test, an electric current running through the nano-electrodes neutralized 50 percent of cancer cells present without harming surrounding healthy tissue

The researchers have funding to conduct initial trials on living animals in preparation for human clinical trials, which are some years away yet.

Because electrical patterns are common to all cancer cells, the technique could be applicable to any form of malignant tumor. The Nottingham group already has shown their method to be effective against cancer that appears in bile ducts.

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