As the Reddit army of traders target the silver market, today the man who oversees nearly $160 billion says the price of silver may be poised to skyrocket.

Legend Rob Arnott, whose firm oversees $160 billion globally, say silver may be poised to skyrocket.

Silver And The Reddit Army Of Traders
January 28 (King World News)
Eric King:  “Rob, one of your holdings is silver and as you know the silver market lit up today. You are aware of the piece King World News published where Chris Ritchie, who runs one of the top silver companies in the world (SilverCrest Metals), was asking me off the cuff, with the Reddit army of traders entering the silver market and looking at GameStop’s trading volume, what will it take to purchase 20% or 30% of annual silver mine supply when you look at what the total dollar trading volume was in GameStop?

More Than The Entire Annual Global Mine Production
Well, yesterday’s trading volume of $29.9 billion in GameStop was enough to purchase more than the entire annual global silver production. And the 4 day trading volume of $82.3 billion could buy more than 3X the entire annual global silver production. Do you think the silver market could go into a bubble in the future when you look at the Reddit crowd, and the way they were able to move GameStop the way they did, now entering the silver market? Can you talk about that and why you own silver?”

Silver Headed Higher
Rob Arnott, Chairman of Research Affiliates which helps oversee nearly $160 billion:  “The short answer is, yes, absolutely. I look at this more from the vantage point of ‘Okay, what’s the ratio of silver to gold?’ That ratio is better than historic norms. It’s in the bottom 20% of the historical range. So silver is pretty cheap. That’s good. 
You look at silver pricing relative to cost of extraction, that’s better than the picture for gold…

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$250 Silver
And you look at the real price of silver inflation-adjusted. Remember the famous Hunt Brothers effort to corner the silver market back in 1980? Silver hit $50 an ounce. Okay, but adjust for inflation since then. The CPI is up about 5-times since 1980, so that $50 is more equivalent to $250, and silver is sitting here at $26. 
So, is there room for silver to go up? Oh my goodness, yes.

Silver is notorious for doing head fakes. It will do a sudden 20% dive to shake out the weak holders and it does that with some regularity, so it’s an asset to be held patiently.” BULLISH ON SILVER: To listen to Rob Arnott, the man who helps oversee $160 billion, discuss why the silver market could be the next to skyrocket and much more CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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