Multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price just predicted a worldwide disaster is about to unfold.

Total Breakdown
January 23 (
King World News
) – Multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price:  
The predictable consequence of a whole world under the management of a false economics based on induction – i.e. experimentation – is an inevitable total disaster for the world. 

The thinkers of the world are hoping that Christian Russia and Confucian China, the two great powers of Eurasia, will return to gold as money, by virtue of their military power, and sweep away, as Napoleon did before them, the present existence of “Assignat-like” fiat moneys in the world…

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Such a transformation, in full concordance with the doctrines of the Austrian Schools of Economics, would immediately re-vitalize the world’s economy, due to its inevitable consequences:

1. The immediate stimulation of hope for a better future, in all nations.

2. The immediate activation of all able-bodied individuals to work as hard as possible, in order to obtain the precious money of gold and silver.

3. The re-emergence of the principle which has ruled human life in all ages past: “He who does not work, shall not eat” to motivate all those who waste their lives in idleness. 

The Illusions Will Vanish
The illusions which now occupy millions of idle minds would vanish: dreams such as populating the planet Mars; inhuman fantasies to “automatize” work by means of robots, in order to eliminate human labor; vain investigations of “Artificial Intelligence”, when what will be needed will be the intrinsic asset of all humans: human intelligence, operating upon the problems of existence through the medium of real money; absurd policies, such as those that tax the producers to insure the survival (and multiplication) of the idle with guaranteed incomes from “Welfare payments”; all these denials of Reality would have to be forgotten

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But by far, the worst damage being caused by fictitious money is the ongoing and irreparable pure waste of precious natural resources. The world is squandering limited natural resources forever, depriving future generations of their use, without any perception of the huge damage being incurred, because natural resources are not receiving their true valuations; correct valuations in gold money would preserve their use for strictly rational reasons: today, the true costs of natural resources are masked by the huge sums of “invested” fiat money involved in their exploitation – “investments” which are actually costs which will never, ever, be recovered by the investors. 

The transformation to a world in which only gold – complemented with silver coinage – is money, would surely be a very painful process, but there can be no way to correct a terrible fundamental error such as the world’s reliance on fiat money, without paying a heavy price for the correction

The Fiery Furnace Of A Cleansing
Before this enormous economic mistake is corrected, it seems likely to me that the whole world will have to go through the fiery furnace of a cleansing of the spirit, with the final acceptance of the fact – by those who outlive the furnace – that human life is essentially problematic; that there is truth in what the Church taught for centuries: that
the condition of mankind within Creation is unalterable, and that if we are troubled by the sufferings of our fellow humans, then we should exercise personal charity, or pledge support to private charitable foundations, and not palm-off the problem to the State. 

I hope that with these brief lines, I may have contributed to a greater understanding of the fundamental problem facing humanity today, and perhaps I may have armed a few individuals with knowledge which may be useful in surviving the trying times that lie ahead.”

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